Married men are desperately after my ‘thing’, Nigeria tennis star Oshonaike cries out

Nigeria tennis star Funke Oshonaike has cried out over unending advances from married men.

In a post on Facebook, the 44-year-old pleaded with the men to stop as she vowed not to give in.

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This warning is to all the married men out there that won’t allow me to rest, that’s has polluted that institution called marriage, that has almost stopped me from believing in that institution🙁

Please I beg all of you in the name of God to stop messaging me and telling me how much you love me( I know you just love that thing under me which you can’t reach there not to talk of going in!!) I’m choked now and sick and tired of it!!!


Infidelity and unfaithfulness caused me a lot of sadness, and I went even through depression because of it because I was keeping lots of things to mySelf not wanting people to know about me!! So I will never do to a woman like me what gave me sadness and what I ran away from…

I know there’s a saying that all men are dogs , but please I don’t want any dog to propose love to me! If your wife can stand you with committing adultery and cheating on her, that’s her own choice! I can’t stand a man that cheats again, never !! I will continue to be alone than stand a man that cheats, lie and abusive!! That’s my choice!!!

Funke Oshonaike and Kids

I’ve been going through this since I was a teenager and I’m sick and tired of begging married men to please leave me alone ! I don’t want any gifts or anything from you guys. Give those gift to your wife!If you’re having problem with your wife, I’m not your option because I’m a woman like your wife!!

To all those women dating married men, remember that what goes around comes around!! Be rest assured that what you do to others, will be done to you one day!! Law of karma…


I know how it feels to be cheated on over and over again!! I’ve choosing my sanity not to accept it again and not to go through that pain again.
So please women, let’s join hands together to shame those married men that cheats on their wives!! It’s a sin and what’s bad is bad! You all might think it’s normal, it’s not normal in Gods eyes and it’s not normal in my eyes!! I hate it!! There’s a man for every woman and there’s a woman for every man. Be contented with what you have!!

Funke oshonaike-tennis

Please I’m healing, I want to one day believe in that institution called marriage again! So married men, you are allowed to like me but please I don’t want any relationship from you! Stay of me and love your wife. Happy Sunday to you all🙏🏽🙏🏽😘😘
#saynotoadultery, #notounfidelity #notomarriedmen #womenliftwomenup

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