Popular Prophet Lands In Trouble After Prophesying That His Village Will Be Wiped Out By God

It has been reported that police officers in Ethiopia’s northern Amhara regional state have arrested a “doomsday prophet”, the Agence France Presse, AFP, reports.
The prophet was nabebd after he caused widespread panic over claims his village would be wiped out on Monday, state media reported.
The state-owned Amhara Mass Media Agency reported that the prophet had told his followers in the village of Ergoye that he had recently returned from heaven with a gloomy message.
“I have just returned from paradise with a message from god. The people in my area will be wiped out on Monday,” AMMA reported him as saying.
“When I entered paradise I met a woman who said she is the Virgin Mary, I also met god…” he claimed.
The prediction prompted residents to shut schools and businesses for several days, the AMMA reported.
Ethiopia is a deeply religious society, with surveys showing the vast majority of Ethiopians believe in a supernatural deity.
In recent years, the proliferation of quasi-evangelical movements and charismatic preachers has sometimes spawned “cult leaders”.
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Victory Assured For Buhari, Ondo APC Makes Huge Promise To The President

All Progressives Presidential Candidate, Muhammadu Buhari has been assured he has nothing to worry about, as far as Ondo State is concerned.
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The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo State, Engr. Ade Adetimehin, said the state is secured for the ruling party.

He said the party’s candidates, including its presidential flagbearer, Muhammadu Buhari, would record resounding victory during 2019 general elections.

In a statement signed by the state Publicity Secretary Mr Alex Kalejaye said Adetimehin gave the assurance while addressing leaders of the Presidential Support Committee of the Buhari/Osibanjo 2019, at the Party’s Secretariat in Akure.

Adetimehin said the combination of Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo has saved Nigeria from political and economic crisis.

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“In 2015, Ondo State delivered 55 percent for Buhari; in 2019, it is going to be over 80 percent because President Buhari has impressed us, and we have a governor who is totally committed to the President’s re-election project “, Adetimehin said.

He charged the group to take their campaigns to the local government and ward levels for effective mobilisation.

He urged them to keep their PVC, which he described as their foremost electoral tools, and so their contributions could make a difference in the election results.

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He pledged the support of the State chapter to any group that is genuinely working for the victory of the party and its candidates for 2019.

Earlier, the group’s Director of Contacts and Mobilisation in the South West, Alhaji Garba Gonia, said the group was put in place to compliment the party structures at various levels.

Commending the State Chairman for granting audience to the group within a brief period, Gonia lamented the crisis that rocked the party after primaries, but praised the leaders for the quick reconciliation panels.

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“The beauty of democracy has its roots in majority, hence the support group before you today will surely add to this beauty in the State, South West and Nigeria in general “, he said.


How I caught my wife in bed with another man – Nigerian man cries out

An aggrieved Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate how he caught his wife in bed with another man, in their home.

According to him, his suspicion about his wife’s infidelity was aroused by n**de photos she sent to him by mistake.

Read his post below;

My Wife Accidentally Sent Me Her **** Photos Meant For Her Boyfriend. I dated my wife for two years before we got married. We didn’t have it smooth from dating until the day we got married. We went through tough times trying to convince our respective parents to accept our relationship. The day she introduced me to her parent as the guy she wanted to marry, her father looked me straight in the eyes and said no, he won’t allow that to happen. He had no legitimate reasons apart from the fact that he didn’t like my tribe and I didn’t look like a man who could take good care of his daughter.

When it got to my turn to introduce her to my parent, it was my mother who screamed; “Over my dead body would I allow you to marry such a woman.” What was the reason for opposition? Like the father of my girlfriend, my mum also didn’t like the tribe of my wife. All through our dating life as partners, her dad never saw eye to eye with me and my mom never welcome my wife into our home.

When we finally got married in the church on the 14th April 2012, my mom didn’t attend the wedding and her dad also didn’t attend. We had to do it without them because they were bent on separating us.

We had a peaceful home and barely had anything to disagree on. Occasionally, either my mom or her dad would try to come in between us but we had a way of handling them without causing us any trouble. I’m a salesperson. I handle the biggest territory in our company’s supply chain channels. Due to this, I travel a lot but most of my travels don’t take me away for more than three days. Yeah, occasionally my wife complained. Her complaints had nothing to do with my absence due to my incessant travels. She was concerned about the way I was always on the road and how sometimes I had to travel deep in the night.

She was right. I also had concerns about that but I had a home to run and I needed money to run the home so I had little option than to continue doing my job.

One Friday morning, as I was leaving home for work, I told my wife I had to travel to Cape Coast after work but I might not travel unless a call came through from Cape Coast that they needed the supplies urgently. In the afternoon, she called to ask if the call had come through and I said yes. I sent her a message around 6 pm that I’ve set off and she wished me a safe a journey.

About thirty minutes later after I’ve set off, my phone flickered, indicating I’ve had a Whatsapp message from my wife. I didn’t open the message. About three minutes later, another message came in from her, and then a call followed. I usually don’t pick calls while I’m driving so I found a safe spot and parked so I could call her back.

I opened the messages. The first message had two n*de photos of herself with a message; “Hello dear, the way is clear now. I can’t wait to have you here,” and ended with the kiss smiley.

Immediately, my hands started shaking and my heart started beating very loud and out of rhythm. All of a sudden, my feet couldn’t support my weight and I had to lean on the car. I rushed to open the second message and it said; “Hello dear, don’t mind me. I’m only trying to pull your legs and show you what you’re missing while away.” The message also ended with the tears of joy smiley.

There and then I knew what was happening. The little voice in my head kept screaming at me; “Your wife is cheating. She’s cheating on you. Your wife is cheating.” I stood there for some minutes to calm myself down and regain my composure. I wanted to call her but I didn’t want to sound worried or disturbed. I wanted her to know that I believed what she said that it was a joke. I wanted an assurance in my voice when I spoke to her.

When I called her back, I smiled and said; “Do you think I wouldn’t know you were joking?” Then I forced myself to give out a loud laughter. I found calm and believe in her voice when she spoke. We both laughed at it and I hung up to continue my journey.

Yeah, I had the message and the n*de that showed she was cheating but it wasn’t enough proof. I needed to find something solid to nail her.

That night she stayed on the phone with me throughout talking about things that were mostly unnecessary. She wanted to prove a point. Somehow, she wanted to prove to me that indeed, she didn’t invite anyone over that’s why she was able to talk to me all night. I could sense her desperation to prove a point.

When I got home from the trip, I woke up at dawn to read her messages but her password was changed. That heightened my suspicion and the need to work hard to find out who the man was.

For the next six months, I tried all the avenues of how to catch a cheating wife but none yielded a result. I told her I was traveling but then hang around the house in the night to see if a man would walk into the house or if she would leave the house to see someone. She was always in the house and no one walked in and she didn’t walk out.

It became frustrating for me and I could barely enjoy my marriage because of these suspicions and CID jobs. I decided to let everything go so I could concentrate on building my relationship with her.

My mother’s senior sister died and we had to attend the funeral in my hometown. For obvious reasons, she didn’t attend the funeral and I had to go alone.

When I got to my hometown on Friday evening, I called her phone, she didn’t pick. Later in the night, she called to tell me she was sleeping and that she had developed a severe headache when she woke up. She asked me to take care as she wanted to continue with her sleep.

I said my good night and hung up the phone. But something didn’t feel right. I didn’t know what that was but I could feel it. All of a sudden I wasn’t happy and felt like I’ve lost something very dear to me. I started battling with my thought but there was nothing I could lay hands on as the reason for my feeling.

It was close to 10pm when I decided to drive back home to check on her if really she was sleeping as she said. I know, I still hadn’t overcome my suspicion of her. It was hard to let go of my conviction that the woman I married was cheating on me.

Just about three hours later, I was at the doorstep of my house and my car parked a little bit far from home so the sound of the car’s engine would not wake her up.

The hall light was on. The TV was on too. I turned the knob slowly and it was locked. I inserted my key and opened the door. There he was. A gentleman. He was wearing only a boxer short and holding the tv remote in his hand. The shock in his eyes when he saw me satisfied my spirit. It was like a victory of some sort to me.

I asked him; “where is my wife?” I had to repeat the question three times before he pointed the remote at the bedroom indicating where my wife was. I walked there and truly, she was sleeping. N**ked. Her underwear was on the floor closed to a used c0nd0m and the trouser of the gentleman. I screamed her name and she jerked off from her sleep.

You can imagine the horror in her eyes when she saw me. She started looking around—I guessed she was looking for the gentleman so I said; “I left him at the hall. I would be surprised if he’s still there.”

She started pleading profusely and asking me to forgive her and spare her life. I told her, “I don’t have the strength to take a life I didn’t create. I’m only happy that my investigation paid off after several months.”

My calm that night surprised me. It was as though it didn’t hurt to find your wife in your matrimonial bed with another man. But then, I remembered how I felt the day I got the n**de photos and I was glad I didn’t allow myself to go through that pain again.

I walked away from the bedroom. I couldn’t see the gentleman when I got to the hall—well, that was expected. I went to where I parked the car and drove away to a friend’s house.

For the next one week or so, I stayed with my friend and didn’t pick any call from her. I don’t know what else to do about this issue and coupled with my mom complain of not liking her and this happened I don’t how to explain this to her. Please I need a matured advice on how to settle this issue.

Oscars 2019: Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity Wars makes the list

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars on Monday the 17th of December, 2018 revealed the shortlists for nine Oscar categories and Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, and Avengers: Infinity Wars makes that list.



Three of the unveiled categories had Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Crazy Rich Asians shortlisted for the final nominees.

Academy members, including Femi Odugbemi and Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, are expected to choose nominees in each of the categories ahead of the nominees unveil scheduled to hold on January 22, 2019.



According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, this is the first time the Academy has released all of its shortlists on the same day.

The 91st Annual Academy Awards ceremony is set for Sunday, February. 24, and will air live on ABC.

Here are the unveiled shortlisted categories

Best Documentary Feature

Charm City


Crime + Punishment

Dark Money

The Distant Barking of Dogs

Free Solo

Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Minding the Gap

Of Fathers and Sons

On Her Shoulders



The Silence of Others

Three Identical Strangers

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?



Best Documentary Short

Black Sheep

End Game


Los Comandos

My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes

A Night at the Garden

Period. End of Sentence.

’63 Boycott

Women of the Gulag




Best Foreign-Language Film

Colombia, ‘Birds of Passage’

Denmark, ‘The Guilty’

Germany, ‘Never Look Away’

Japan, ‘Shoplifters’

Kazakhstan, ‘Ayka’

Lebanon, ‘Capernaum’

Mexico, ‘Roma’

Poland, ‘Cold War’

South Korea, ‘Burning’

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Black Panther

Bohemian Rhapsody


Mary Queen of Scots

Stan & Ollie



Best Original Score


Avengers: Infinity War

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Black Panther


Crazy Rich Asians

The Death of Stalin

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

First Man

If Beale Street Could Talk

Isle of Dogs

Mary Poppins Returns

A Quiet Place

Ready Player One




Best Animated Short

Age of Sail

Animal Behaviour



Bird Karma

Late Afternoon

Lost & Found

One Small Step

Pepe le Morse


Best Original Song

“When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs for Wings” from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

“Treasure” from Beautiful Boy

“All the Stars” from Black Panther

“Revelation” from Boy Erased

“Girl in the Movies” from Dumplin’

“We Won’t Move” from The Hate U Give

“The Place Where Lost Things Go” from Mary Poppins Returns

“Trip a Little Light Fantastic” from Mary Poppins Returns

“Keep Reachin’” from Quincy

“I’ll Fight” from RBG

“A Place Called Slaughter Race” from Ralph Breaks the Internet

“OYAHYTT” from Sorry to Bother You

“Shallow” from A Star Is Born

“Suspirium” from Suspiria

“The Big Unknown” from Widows

Best Live-Action Short







May Day




Best Visual Effect

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Avengers: Infinity War

Black Panther

Christopher Robin

First Man

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Mary Poppins Returns

Ready Player One

Solo: A Star Wars Story

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A MUST READ! Check Out 6 Times When You Should Never Get Intimate, Don’t Ever Try No. 3

Every time is not baby making time. Sometimes you will be tired, other times on your periods and other times you simply won’t be in the mood. But besides that, there are other times you literally need to keep off even if you feel like you are losing control. Here are some moments you must try as much as you can to stay away from having sex:

1. When drunk




Drunk sex might sound adventurous but you should keep off by all means. First, you might be so drunk to even know the person you are sleeping with. And, you might end up having unprotected sex and risk getting STDs or unwanted pregnancy.

2. When you don’t want to


Sexual couple in bedroom


It does not matter whether your partner is dying to have you or not. If you don’t want to have intercourse, just don’t do it. Not just because you won’t like it but because you could also get hurt especially if you are not wet enough down there.

3. When you have a yeast infections

Yeast infections already are enough trouble on your lady parts. The last thing you want is anymore irritation from sex. Besides, having sex during the infection can worsen the problem. It’s best you wait until full recovery.

4. When one of you is undergoing STI treatment

If one of you was diagnosed with an STI such as gonorrhea, you will have to abstain from sex. Unless you want to be infected.

5. Before seeing a gynecologist

If you are planning to see a gynecologist, avoid sex for at least 24 hours prior to the visit. Semen alters the pH of the vagina which may affect gynecologist’s examination.

6. After surgery


Whether it’s after a cesarean section or any type of surgery around your abdomen, you need to avoid sex until you heal. Having sex too soon after a surgery hinders the recovery process and could also lead to bleeding thus worsening the wound. Wait until the doctor gives you the go ahead to have sex to avoid complications.




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REVEALED! See The Major Reason Buhari’s Government Cannot Manage Nigerian Economy

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar has  stated the major  reasons Nigerians should not re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said that Buhari  should not be returned to power in 2019 because he has no single economist in his cabinet. Consequently, the nation’s economy is in ruins because Buhari’s government can’t manage the country’s economy.

Image result for Nigerian recession

The former Vice President, who spoke during a youth town hall meeting in Lagos yesterday, pointed out that the current Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo was not an economist. But the job of a Vice President was to manage the country’s economy. According to the Waziri of Adamawa, “Our President said the economy has collapsed and he told the governors that it is going to be worse. Is this the kind of government that you want to return to power again?

“Do you know that in this government, there is no single economist? So, they don’t even know how to manage the economy and our lives, whether youths, the old, women or men depend on our economy. If the economy is good, we will prosper individually and collectively. If the economy is bad, we all perish and they are asking you to return them to power”.

Image result for atiku abubakar

“I am not here to tackle individuals, but we have a professor of Law. A professor of Law is not a businessman, he is not an economist…and the job of the Vice-President in our own type of government is to help you manage the economy. So you have to take the right type of Vice-President to help you do that.”

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Revealed! The ‘final’ mistake that made Manchester United sack Mourinho

With Michael Carrick taking over as caretaker manager following the sack of Jose Mourinho, the main reasons for the sack of the Portuguese has been revealed.  Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino will be top of United’s wish list, but it remains to be seen if the Argentine can be prized away from the London club. Mourinho has paid the price for overseeing a woeful season at Old Trafford that has left United languishing in sixth place in the Premier League table.

Image result for mourinho

United’s 3-1 drubbing at bitter rivals Liverpool proved the final straw for executive vice chairman Ed Woodward. The defeat left United 19 points behind Jurgen Klopp’s league leaders, out of the title race and 11 points off the the top four and Champions League qualification. Starsport understands Woodward held long talks with co-owner Joel Glazer, who is based in Florida, last night, before deciding to pull the plug on Mourinho’s controversial reign at Old Trafford.

Image result for mourinho

Mourinho replaced Louis van Gaal as United boss in 2016 and won two trophies in his first campaign after leading the club to Europa League and League Cup success. But that was as good as it got for the Portuguese, who was contracted until 2020 with the option of an extra 12 months. Mourinho was paid £15m-a-season and has ploughed his way through more than £300m on big name signings in the last 24 months, but been unable to mastermind a significant title challenge.

Image result for mourinho

Woodward gave him the funds to sign the likes of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku, but the duo have made little impact – with United getting worse instead of better. It is understood Mourinho’s treatment of Pogba, who cost United £90m when he rejoined them from Juventus in 2016, was one of the main reasons Woodward has decided to act. Pogba has found himself axed from the team in recent weeks and was an unused substitute for last weekend’s defeat at Anfield. United directors have been baffled as to how a World Cup winner has been deemed not good enough to get into the starting XI.

Image result for mourinho

Mourinho also angered Woodward when he criticised the club’s decision not to sign some of his defensive targets in the summer. Their relationship has been on a downward spiral ever since, with Mourinho appearing to act in a manner that suggested he wanted the club to sack him. In a terse statement, United said: “Manchester United has announced that Jose Mourinho has left the Club. We would like to thank him for his work during his time at Manchester United and wish him success in the future.”

Awwwnnnn ! Isn’t Victoria Kimani a replica of her Mum?(See Photo)

Nigerian based Kenyan singer ,Victoria Kimani showed off her beautiful mum on social media .Kimani also noted she did her mum’s makeup .Looking at this photo ,it’s easy to see where Victoria Kimani got her good looks from.


Victoria is currently signed to Chocolate City and is described as the record label’s first lady. As a singer, she is popularly known for her numerous hits and sense of style. Her penetration into the African music industry has earned her a number of nominations, with her singles receiving numerous airplay across Africa. Her debut album was expected in 2016.

Image result for victoria Kimani

Kimani was born in Los Angeles, California to clergy parents. She has two older brothers.She grew up partly in Benin City, Nigeria, where her parents were doing missionary work. She began singing at the age of 9; at age 16, she began performing alongside other church choir members as a back-up and writing songs for others.

Image result for victoria Kimani

On moving back to her mother country, Kenya, she joined a campus where she also did back-ups for Mercy Mara where she had to travel a lot. She later dropped out to fully pursue a career in music. On 13 May 2015, Kimani, along with seven African female musicians, Cobhams Asuquo and a team of ONE staff met in Johannesburg to create “Strong Girl”, a song that sent a message about the empowerment of women across the world.The song featured singers Waje (Nigeria), Vanessa Mdee (Tanzania), Arielle T (Gabon), Gabriela (Mozambique), Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Selmor Mtukudzi (Zimbabwe), Judith Sephuma (South Africa), new artist Blessing Nwafor (South Africa) and the video’s star, actress Omotola Jalade Ekeinde (Nigeria).

Related image
Kimani has been outspoken on issues like male chauvinism and women empowerment in conjunction with the ONE Campaign. Having collaborated with other African female singers, in the making of an inspirational song “Strong Girl”. Kimani has also stated that women struggle to make ends meet due to the careers available to them. She defends models, singers, dancers, entertainers, presenters, business women, PR, managers, PAs, singers, stylists, DJs and designers.

Image result for victoria Kimani

Isn’t Victoria just as cute as her mum?

No more construction on Lagos-Ibadan expressway

The federal government has suspended construction work on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway till after the new year.

According to Federal Controller of Works, Lagos, Mr Adedamola Kuti om Tuesday, the construction area will be opened for vehicular traffic.

This, Kuti said was to allow for free flow of movement during the festive period.

“Construction works will resume in January, ” he said.

The Lagos-Ibadan expressway has been undergoing construction by the federal government

There has however been serious traffic gridlock on the road as a result of the number of people traveling for festivities and the religious programmes various religious organisations along the road are having.

Asides these, gridlocks also occur when major accidents happen on the road, leaving travelers stranded for hours.

The road is the major entry point to Lagos state, the economic hub of the nation from across the country.

EPIC! See Reno Omokri’s Epic Reply To Garba Shehu When He Tells PDP To Mind Its Business

In what could only be termed as an epic reply to spokesman to the presidency when he ‘dares’ to tell PDP to mind their business.

Reno Omokri replies Presidency spokeman, Garba Sheu after he told PDP to Mind there business and concentrate more on your insubstantial campaigns.
The post touched Reno, then he replied:

Dear Garba Shehu,

The @OfficialPDPNig gave birth to you politically. You were our member for over a decade. You served as SA Media in a PDP administration. @Atiku fed you and your family for 16 years. You ARE our business. So we are minding our business.

What do you think about the reply?


Former aide to immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, Dr Doyin Okupe has released a power list of the achevements of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP while it was in power.

This is probably due to the APCs continual blame of the PDP for the nation’s woes.

Recently Garba Shehu, while speaking when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a programme of Channels Television, said the refusal of Jonathan’s government to cooperate with the transition committee led to delay in appointments.

But reacting, Jonathan, in a statement by his media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, said the former president should not be blamed for the failure of Buhari to appoint ministers early enough in the life of his government.

Reacting to supposed blame game by APC, Okupe took to his Twitter page to release forty-three (43) achievements of the PDP administration.

He further urged APC administration to list its achievements and make a comparison.

His post read: “They said in 16years PDP did nothing, here is a quick reminder of some of the achievements of PDP from 1999 to 2015: If you like, include #BokoHaram if it’s what you continue with.
1. N18k Minimum wage
2. EFCC.
3. ICPC.

6. Card Reader.
7. TSA.
8. New National ID Card.
9. New Drivers Licence.
10. BVN.
11. New pension scheme
12. Abuja to Kaduna Rail.
13. Abuja Light Rail.
14. GSM
15. PTDF

16. 14 New Federal Universities.
17. Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.
18. KASU & a host of other states universities.
19. Alot of private universities were granted licence.
20. Debt settlement and cancellation.21. Fastest growing economy in Africa.
22. Third fastest growing economy in the world.
23. Exchange rate: N160/$1.
24. Fuel: N87.
25. General low prices of commodities compared to now.

26. New Kaduna Central Market
First Nigerian Drone Launched
27. First Nigerian Satellite launched
28. NDA moved to its permanent site after about 25yrs attempts.
29. NDA admitted its first female combatant cadets.
30. AFIT, NN school of Armaments Tech, Nigerian Police Academy were established.
31. Nigerian Legislative Institute was established.
32. Relative peace.
33. Freedom of speech and communication,
34. Naval Base, Lokoja
35. International Market, Lokoja

36. 80% of the Airports in the country
37.Bag of foreign rice 8000 etc.
38.Creation of many Federal Universities in the country
39.National Stadium Abuja
40. 25billion naira capital base bank reforms
41. Remodeling of 22 airports to international standard across the nation
43.Dangote as the richest African and Blackman in the world

“Please List APCs achievements under PMB and Campaign with it. Let’s change strategy from abuse and accusations to policies.”


What do you think?