Femi Fani-Kayode Mocked For “Fighting” With Church Of Satan On Twitter

Nigeria’s former Aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode has been mocked for engaging in a heated twitter exchange with a religious organization – Church Of Satan.

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One Twitter user particularly expressed disappointment that Mr Fani-Kayode’s who attended Harrow School in London – where British leaders like Winston Churchill and Robert Peel attended – condescend to “casting and bidding” Satan on Twitter.

Double Eph wrote on  Twitter:

“Was discussing with some friends this morning about why the post-independence Nigerian elite failed to replicate themselves. Maybe the answer is that they tried. FFK was sent to Harrow, same place Churchill and Peel went. But look at him on Twitter”

Fani-Kayode started by accusing author and former prosecutor Linda Fairstein — facing a swarm of controversy over a Netflix series that examines a wrongful conviction in a high-profile rape case — of being a racists and a member of the church of satan.


The church of Satan through its verified Twitter account replied and asked the Politician to leave them out of it.

Fan-Kayode retorted, “Get thee behind me Satan”

The Church of Satan shot back,  “That doesn’t actually work. We are right here in front of you telling you that you are making false, unfounded accusations and asking you nicely to please leave us out of this as it has nothing to do with us”


Boom and it escalated from there to the point where FFK threatened to cast and bind the group in Jesus name; see rest of the exchange in the screenshots below.


Nigerians then waded in, making a mockery of the ex-minister.

You can find some reactions below.


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