SCANDAL: Popular Musician Open Can Of Worm On High Profile Nigerian Pastor, You Will Be Shocked

Popular Nigerian musician, Timi Dakolo, has called out the senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo, laying huge allegation that the Pastor sexually abuses ladies in his Church in Nigeria and abroad.

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In a series of message, Timi Dakolo, revealed that Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and his atrocities are covered by some elders in the church to the point of even paying to silence the victims.

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Dakolo said: “From Ilorin to Abuja to Lagos to Dubai to London and any city he visits, your Pastor is leaving a trial of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled. From Avanlanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral Care Unit to Host and Hostesses, from Witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit.

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo sexually abuses members - Timi Dakolo

“They are found in every department in that ‘Church’. He handpicks his victims and ruins them. So none of you wonder why a dedicated church worker or leader stop coming to church and don’t want to talk about it.

“Suddenly rumors start flying around about the person being evil. I will tell you all straight up, all your branch Pastors know about this evil going on for years and are part of it.

“Some of the victims they will threaten, some they will pay off and some they will suppress by isolating from the ‘Church members’. Oga ‘Criminal Lawyer’ always ready to do the dirty work behind the scene, just to drown the truth.

“Dear Church Members, try and find these ladies and men to hear their side of the truth before crucifying them or branding them evil. Trust me, their side of the story will SHOCK YOU”.

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Recall that sometimes last year, Timi Dakolo also accused Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, of sleeping with virgins. He made this known in reaction to a certain Ese Walter who accused the COZA pastor of having his way with her.

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He wrote: “Your Abuja pastor you people are shouting mentor and praising everywhere should be in jail. The amount of pain and ruins he has left innocent girls in. Forcefully taking away their innocence even in their teenage years. Forever leaving a deep dent in their soul..Man of which God?”

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Timi further advised the ladies who have been victims of the pastor’s act to know that they are not alone.
“To all the women out there that have been a victim to this issue, you are not alone. Your truth will be heard whether people believe your truth or not.”

SOURCE: Lailasnews

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