Popular Pastor Shocks Christians Worldwide, Lashes A man With Belt Again -See Why (Video)

The Leader and founder of International God’s way Church Bishop Daniel Obinim popularly known  as Angel Obinim  has been sighted in a video lashing a young man in his Church with a ‘leather’ belt.

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However, deducing from the video, his reason for beating the man was because he didn’t utilize the great opportunity given to him by Obinim.

The outspoken man of God emphasized that he is beating him to serve as a lesson to him to take advantage of any opportunity given him. According to the self-proclaimed Angel, he healed a white man who was bedridden for some time and the man in showing gratitude to him vowed to help one of his ‘sons’ in Africa who needs support.

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He further indicated that the white man called the young man and when he asked how much he needs, the man ‘stupidly’ asked for a small amount.

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The young man only demanded GHC 4000 from the white man and this angered Obinim because he missed a great opportunity to become rich overnight.Obinim lashed the young man in front of the congregation as his punishment for not utilizing such a great opportunity.

However, this is not the first time Obinim has lashed some of his church members with a belt in front of his congregation.It could be recalled that the self-acclaimed Angel lashed two teenagers for indulging in pre-marital s3x.

In the video, Obinim was heard telling the man and woman that having sex before marriage was evil and descended on them with a whip, whipping them helplessly in front of thousands of congregation

Watch the video below;


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