Lawan Reveals What Might Happen On Killings Of Nigerians In South Africa

The President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan has shown his displeasure at the murder of Nigerians in South Africans and has said that any further attack on Nigerians may be resisted.

Lawan revealed that about 118 Nigerians have  been murdered in different attacks  and the South African Police were responsible for 13 out of the death.

The Senate President, had poured out his heart on the matter when he hosted Mr. Bobby Moroe, the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria. Munroe had led a South African delegation to brief the Senate on his government’s enquires to unravel the cause of the xenophobic attack on Nigerians and further provide lasting solution to the menace.


Lawan said holding the meeting had become very important considering the continuous killing of Nigerians who reside in South Africa.

He said: “This meeting gives us a better opportunity to speak on the killings of Nigerians by South Africa.“We in the Parliament must speak and prevent any further killings. This killing must stop. This is the era of social media where corpse of the victims may spark violence that may go beyond any governmental control.


“The South African government must as a matter of urgency do whatever it takes to protect lives and property of Nigerians living in the country.
“Nigeria government remains committed to safety of South Africans residing here, so also their investments. I believe we have faced enough, we will no longer take it anymore. We want to write the names of Nigerians killed and the South African parliament must act fast to put a stop to this menace.
“Over the years, 118 Nigerians have been killed, while 13 out of these were killed by South African Police. This country and its people provided every shelter and resources to South Africa during the apartheid, we worked with South Africa.

“We must establish events leading into these killings. Of recent, Mrs.Elizabeth Chukwu was killed in her hotel room. Any more killing of Nigerian, I am not sure what may happen. I am a parliamentarian, and this must stop, why can’t our citizens be protected.”

Lawan also showed his gratitude to the High Commissioner for the update provided saying, such move is encouraging and heart warming.

His words, “The update on the cause of late Mrs. Chukwu’s death is heartwarming. It is a sign that something has been done in this regards. We should go beyond the Mrs. Chukwu’s case, with this, we can put this ugly incident behind us.

“We are brothers , we love South Africans so much, we don’t want this incident to occur again. Let’s see how far we can work together to fix this. The two countries, Nigeria and South Africa are leading lights in African continent, we thank your government for the update, it shows we are facing the right direction.

Earlier, the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Bobby Moroe, regretted killings of Nigerians just as he condoled families of the deceased adding that, inquest has been instituted to investigate cases of xenophobic attack in the country.

Moroe also  stated that the investigation  will reveal the causes, the death and best way to stop the menace across board.

He reiterated the commitment of South African government and the law enforcement agencies to get to the root of the matter and bring to book perpetrators of the attacks.

“Our government will continue to be committed to the good relationship with Nigeria. We will continue to protect our shared history. Your sentiment has gone deep into our heart, and you will be happy that the same sentiment has been our concern in South Africa. On behalf of the government of South Africa, we express our sincere condolences to Nigeria government for this unfortunate incident.

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