Detailed Account Of How Reno Omokri Released Forensic Evidence Of Highly Disputed INEC ‘Server’

A former aide to ex-Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri, has made good his threat to release what he termed as “forensic evidence” of the names, address and phone numbers of the company and individuals who had set up the hotly disputed server of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Lagos.

Omokri made the threat via his verified Twitter page on Monday, July 15 2019.

After making the threat, Omokri then went on to put up another tweet lashing at INEC as he accused them of taking down the controversial server. He then claimed that Google usually takes a daily screen shot of servers and that he had in his possession the details which the electoral body had wiped clean.

After lashing out at INEC, the former Presidential aide again promised to unveil the names of the Lagos based firm who had set up the INEC server as well as the names of their operators. He then said that if anything happened to him before the stipulated time, then Nigerians should know who to hold responsible.

Less than 30 minutes before his stipulated time, Omokri revealed that he had reliable moles in INEC who have informed him that the headquarters of the electoral body was in “severe panic” over the issue of the server. He stated that the electoral body was piling pressure on the firm to delete every trace of their connection with them.

After making that revelation, he said that he directed his attention to Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, the INEC chairman that he was aware of his every move, down to his personal actions including; his visitors, when he arrives at the office, his perfume brand, the colour of his handkerchief and the plans of his bed chamber.

After making all the juicy revelations above, Reno Omokri then went on to make the massive move as he released the name of the firm, their address and their contact details. He as well listed the names of the individuals behind the firm as Femi and Ronke Taiwo.

A check on the website indicates that they have INEC Nigeria as one of their clients.

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