EXCLUSIVE: Secretary General Of Buhari Support Group Reacts To MURIC’s Call For Suspension Of BBNaija TV Show

Secretary General of the Buhari Support Group, Otunba Biodun Ajiboye who is also a veteran journalist and Convener of the Nigerian Telecoms Awards has reacted to the recent call by the Muslim Rights Concern group on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately order the suspension of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

Otunba Biodun while speaking to Opera News this afternoon via phone interview opines that the morality of Big Brother show is increasingly becoming negative on the society but adds also that there is quite little the government can do in terms of outright censorship aside from issuing directives to the organisers of the show on reduction of the extent of nudity and ex rated content included in the broadcast.

The BBNaija show which commenced some days ago enters day 12 today but has since began generating a lot of negative comments and criticisms.

The Muslim Rights Concern group had yesterday, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately order the suspension of the TV show.

In its words, ”We are being forcibly dragged to a world of nudity, shamelessness and open promiscuity. Inmates of BBNaija kiss, romance and engage in sex openly. BBNaija is Bohemian, anti-social, crude and immoral. It constitutes a potent danger to every home. BBNaija is Satanic. It is unacceptable.”

Speaking with Opera News, Otunba Biodun described the show as a mockery of our societal values.

”The morality of Big Brother is becoming negative on the society and anybody who wants to build a good society will frown at the level of morality they appears to be preaching inadvertently.

”For whatever it is worth, the display of nudity has become morally decadent on the society. And in view of such decadence, the society has no choice but to frown at it. Am sure you don’t want to see a society where everybody makes love on the street.

”So if we don’t want that, we need to conceal some decency programmes like Big Brother.”

Speaking further, he opines that the reason why the youths are going after the monetary offering, there is no other reason. It’s not for any other reason or enjoyment. Its only the fact that there is a lot of money being offered. Instead he advises the organisers to offer such huge sum on other engaging activity, more educative activity. The youths will learn, they will gain and they will benefit, he says.

On what he would advise the federal government to do, here is what he says;

”If the federal government has the capacity to stop the immoral part of the programme, they should stop it and compel Big Brother to tilt their content to the more progressive, to be more directly educative rather than the wishy washy, nude girls all around display. It makes no sense. No parent will encourage that.

On how to monitor or censor what goes on the airwaves, he has this to say;

”Well, I am a telecoms journalist to start with and one of our major concerns when telecoms came into Nigeria was basically that it was not a censored operation particularly when it comes to broadcasting. You cannot tell me I can’t take my pictures and broadcast on Facebook, I don’t need a license to do that and if I have five thousand friends on Facebook and each of my 5000 friends have 5000 other friends individually, am going away with about twenty five million.”

”So if I broadcast anything, it comes to 25 million people and with that, there is nothing else I’m saying more than what we have just said. In that way there is no way government can censor except government begins to censor social media organisation and tells them to restrict certain content and all of that. But you know this is a democracy, government cannot go all the way.”

On what his thoughts are for young Nigerians, he says ”I have a son who is a singer, there are so many other ways you can engage outside those routes, however there is not much that can be done. If you are lucky as a parent, you are able to curtail yours aside from that… well to your tent oh Israel”

”In essence, what I’m simply saying is that, the society cannot exist without a mix of the good and the bad, however parents and people responsible for managing of the society must at all times encourage the good and address the bad. And that process will continue to the end of time. It was like that when we were young about forty, forty-five years go and it will continue like that into the next fifty years. It’s a continuum, there is nothing anybody can do about that.”

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