Atiku, PDP, Miss Opportunity To State Perfect Case At Election Tribunal

As things stand, the chances  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Presidential Candidate of the party in the February 23 Presidential polls, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, to present 400 witnesses at the Presidential Election Tribunal may have just been lost as time continues to tick away.

This is sure to affect the ability of the PDP and Atiku to state their case in a perfect manner as was originally planned.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that, all the parties in the matter had come to an agreement to open as well as close their cases within the a specified time period.

The parties had come to an agreement to work out modalities so as to manage time and ensure that the petition would be completed within the period of 180 days as is stipulated in the Electoral Act.

The ten days which was allotted to the petitioners to begin and close their argument which started on the 4th of July is billed to expire on the 17th of July.

According to NAN, all the respondents were as well given a period of six days to present their responses to the petitioners’ allegations.

What this means is that, the respondents are expected to open their separate defences between the 18th of July and July 25, 2019.

However, on Friday, the petitioners urged the tribunal to adjourn until July 15.

Chief Chris Uche, SAN, who is the Counsel for the petitioners had told the tribunal that their witnesses who were scheduled for the day were unavailable.

Uche said the witnesses, who were based in Zamfara State were attacked by armed men as they made their way to Abuja on Thursday.

Dr Livy Uzoukwu, SAN, the lead counsel for the petitioners, rose to complement the information been availed the tribunal by Uche, adding that the witnesses were yet to be found.

“My Lords, it is true that those we have listed to present for further testimonies were attacked while coming to Abuja from Zamfara State, and therefore it will be impracticable to go further.

“We pray for an adjournment until Monday, July 15 for continuation’’, Uzoukwu said.

So far, the petitioners have tendered 31,287 exhibits to prove various allegations of malpractice in the poll, but have presented less than 60 out of the 400 witnesses.

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  1. Sure enough the witness es may never get to abuja.atiku should take proay steps with the remaining witnesses

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