I Don’t Hate The North – Femi Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to claims he harbours hatred for the northern part of Nigeria.

The ex minister has been seen to be attacking the region lately. The verbal attacks have intensified since the advent of the proposed Rural Grazing Area – RUGA by the federal government and most recently, the speech made Kaduna State governor Nasir Elrufai at last week’s Northern Youth summit organised by Northern Hibiscus Initiative in Kaduna .

He has persistently reacted to comments credited to the Kaduna Governor; from claims of Northerners not being known for fraud to boasting of the North being home for Africa’s richest man – Aliko Dangote.

“No-one from the north has ever been convicted of 419 or fraud”- Elrufai

FFK replied- “Put the EFCC,the Police and DSS in the hands of southerners and see what happens.Northerners have looted the treasury over the last 59 years of our nat. existence more than ANY other group of Nigerians.”

“The richest businessman in Nigeria is still Dangote not someone from Southern Nigeria,thank God for that”- Elrufai

FFK replied “Any southern businessman that received the kind of support that Dangote received from FG’s over the last 40 yrs would be the richest man in the WORLD today.” 

The trend has raised a few concerns, especially from the northern folks, who had understood that as persistent attacks on the region.

On Wednesday, Fani-Kayode also launched another attack, this time, accusing the north of inflating its population.

“Our demographic superiority gives us a powerful tool”- @elrufai

The north has NO demographic superiority. To say it does is false. It is a fallacy. It is a delusion. Unless you count the cows northerners are fewer than southerners. If the south comes together the match is over!”  He tweeted 


Shortly after, he decided to address those who may have misconstrued it as hatred for the north.

He denied having hatred for the north, but won’t hesitate to reply any notable northerner who dares to attack the south.

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“Someone said I hate the north.This is false.I do not hate the north: I love the north as I do the south and Middle Belt and I want to make it a better place.I will however say this: any notable northern leader that attacks the south will get a response from me.For that I have no apology.”


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