Senator Abbo will use money to escape justice, Twitter user

Following the confirmation by the Nigeria Police that Senator Elisha Abbo would be arraigned at an FCT Magistrates’ Court, for assaulting a woman at an adult toy shop, a Twitter user said he may not be jailed as being speculated by some people.

“Those saying the Senator will be jailed clearly don’t live in Nigeria, where money and influence are all you need to be above the law,” @Thekene1 tweeted on Monday.


The handle was among hundreds of other Nigerians who have reacted to the planned arraignment of the Adamawa North Senator in court.

Another user Olanusi Akintayo simply said, “Not Too Young To Be Jailed” alluding to the fact that the Senator is the youngest Senator in the Upper Legislative Chamber.

Temitope Oyewole said, “He needs to be used as scapegoat to other young or any guys that maltreat ladies…”

Another Twitter user Bemigho said his arraignment is political, “Good to know, but Everything is going too fast because he’s not a member of the @APCNigeria”

A woman commenter Enobong Nsima said she is optimistic that Nigeria evolving, “At least, I’m now assured that my rights cannot be violated by any Son of Adam for no reason.

Reactions had trailed the action of the Senator when an exclusive video was released by Premium Times a few days ago.

Pressure was mounted on him to tender a public apology, which he did, saying the action was unusual of him, “I am an Ambassador of Christ,” he said.

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, was one of the celebs that condemned the violent action of the lawmaker, even when he apologised she said his apology was not sincere.

She had taken to her verified Twitter handle @henshawkate to express her mind on the apology.

She said “Your supposed apology smacks of arrogance, Elisha Abbo! You said, “No matter what she did to me”. What did she do except tell you to take it easy? Your supposed apology is very insincere.

“You were caught in your own lie. You went to prepare a robust response and came back with this hogwash of an apology.

“We must as a people see things to a logical conclusion. Examples must be made, impunity in any form, from anyone, is unacceptable,” she said.





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