Ganduje (Gandollar) Vs Slapping Senator: A Case Of Selective Justice?

Since a video of Senator Elisha Abbo assaulting a female in an sxx toy shop surfaced on the internet, the young Senator has seen himself engulfed with all the negative publicity that has come with it.

The Senator had in a short interview with DAILY SUN affirmed that he was the one who was captured in the video, but he had also claimed that the video was not telling the full story as it had been doctored to leave out some vital happenings during the incident.

Watch video of the assault below:

He also said that the incident had happened before he became a Senator.

The Senator’s explanations have however not been received well by many as he has come under fire from Nigerians for his actions.

While some have condemned the actions of the Senator, others had, on the other hand, decided to compare his case to that of Abdullahi Ganduje, the Governor of Kano State. The Kano State Governor was caught on tape purportedly collecting wads of Dollars as a kickback from awarded contracts. The video was released by DAILY NIGERIAN journalist Jafaar Jafaar.

They have argued that there seems to be some sort partiality with the manner in which both cases have been handled. Is that really the case? Let us examine both scenarios below.

Senator Elisha Abbo’s Assault Case

After the assault video of the Adamawa, Senator was released by PREMIUM TIMES, it quickly went viral with clips showing the Senator hitting the unidentified lady saturating the Nigerian web space. What followed next was a wave of backlash by many Nigerians who had condemned the act of the Senator and his police orderly.

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This led to a series of events in less than 24 hours which may just be signalling the end of his political career, except of course things take a completely different turn what is now obtainable.

First, popular persons such as the musician Banky W made a call for Senator Abbo to be arrested. This agitation for his arrest quickly spiralled into a protest as protesters led by popular activist Deji Adeyanju, took their call to the Headquarters of the Police Force in Abuja with a petition to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, seeking for Abbo’s arrest.

Almost immediately after reports of this protest hit the airwaves, another report from PM NEWS had come up stating that the Inspector General of Police had ordered for the arrest of the Senator and his orderly as well a detailed investigation of the matter by an investigative team set up by the Headquarters of the Police. The actions of the orderly attached to the Senator was said to have viewed as an embarrassment by the Force.

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Following the report of the Police, the stance was that of the Senate which said that it was going to invite the victim and carry out a probe on the alleged assault incident. His party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), also condemned the act of the Senator as they summoned him for investigations. What completely may have surprised many was the fact that Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential Candidate of the PDP in the recently concluded elections had also condemned the young Senator, even going further to tell the PDP to discipline the Senator even though he knew him on a personal level.

Senator Abbo is from Atiku’s home State of Adamawa and so some had thought that he was going to shield the Senator or at least tried to ease things up for him but that was not the case. As things stand now, the Senator is headed to face the full consequences of his actions in the sex toy shop.

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The swift movements made in different quarters to bring the Senator to the book have got many wondering why the same was not done for Ganduje during the bribe-taking scandal.

Ganduje Bribe Scandal

In 2018, a video had surfaced from DAILY NIGERIAN showing the Kano State Governor stuffing foreign currencies in the pocket of his babarigan. The video elicited a lot of reactions, mostly negative as the Governor was put on blast for the corrupt practice.

Watch the video below:

Now after the video surfaced online, the treatment meted out to the Governor was completely different from what can be observed as going on with Senator Abbo.

First off, with all the complaints that the video generated, Ganduje was never invited by the Police nor was any sorts of an investigation carried out against him by the Force.

Another issue that raises eyebrows is the fact that the Senate has constituted a committee to probe Abbo. In the case of Ganduje, when the Kano State House of Assembly tried to carry out investigations with a view to possibly impeach the Governor if found guilty, he went to court to stop the proceedings. The court would go on to grant him his request thus scuttling any move by the House of Assembly to look into his case.

Atiku and the PDP had also condemned Abbo for his actions but Ganduje received no such knock from the APC or President Buhari. He instead got commendations from the President in the build-up to the 2019 elections.

This has left many wondering why the Senator would be receiving such “cruel treatment”, at least when compared to how Ganduje was treated.

See what some have said about the discrepancies in both cases below:

See another reaction below:

Yet another reaction below:

Some have alluded to the fact that the Police only took up the case of Senator Abbo because he was in the opposition while others have said that the Senator was only being muscled because of his young age.

Still, there are those that are of the opinion that Abbo deserves all that he’s getting but that if there is going to be the punishment it should be applicable to all and not one.

So what do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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