Ganduje Makes New Decision! Reveals His Move On Arresting Children Who Beg On The Street Of kano

Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje  has reacted to parents who refuse to send their children to school and has decided to arrest kids who are caught begging on the streets and subsequently prosecute their parents.

Ganduje had revealed this on Monday, 17th of June 2019, during an interactive session with UNICEF Youth Advocacy in the state’s Government House. He also said  that contrary to what many people believe begging is not Islamic. He vowed to arrest and prosecute any parent who refuse to send their children to school and instead send them to the street to beg.

His statement had read in part:

“Children begging on the street instead of going to school will be arrested and their parents arrested and charge to court for prosecution because begging is not our religion. Begging is not Islam.

“Those children who are begging will be arrested and their parents will be taken to court for allowing their children to be begging instead of attending school.”

The governor also vowed to arrest and prosecute parents who fail to send their children to school in the state.

He went ahead to disclose that his administration had successfully made sure 30,000 primary and secondary school teachers get qualified certificates. The governor had said:

“we are ensuring that they go back to school for their qualified certificate.”

Ganduje had also urged the development partners to come forward and defend his administration, if and when mischievous people decide to accuse them of not doing enough for the educational system. He explained that this is the only way change could occur.

He added that if the change about to happen, had occur 20 years ago Kano would have been a totally different story now.

He also revealed that the main reason why some countries that don’t have oil to depend on are doing well is because of the level at which they place education, development and technology.


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