Buhari, Dasuki: The Possible Conspiracy Between The Duo

It seems as if the trial of Colonel Sambo Dasuki is not ending anytime soon. Recent news have placed past Attorney General of the federation and Justice minister Abubakar Malami  saying that irrespective of what ever the courts say Colonel Sambo Dasuki who served under the administration of Former President Goodluck Jonathan will not be let out of detention.

It is a common assumption that the reason why Dansuki is still in detention for over four years is because of the personal vendetta Buhari have against him over the 1985 coup that toppled Buhari’s administration, while this might be the general story making the rounds, How true can this really be? Perhaps there is another side to the story? what if there is a conspiracy, a web that binds Buhari, Dasuki and Jonathan. Dasuki has been under detention over alleged misappropriation of funds. Buhari had ordered his arrest on the 17th of November 2015.

Dasuki saga can be traced back to when he was arrested on the 1st of December 2015 by the Department of State Security Services and transferred to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for further interrogation. His arrest had stemmed from the $2 billion arms deal that had subsequently resulted in the embezzlement of $2 billion. This had been done through the office of the National Security Adviser, under the administration of  Goodluck Jonathan.

It was shown in the committee report that an extra amount had been on the budgetary spending to the tune of  N643.8 billion. There was also an additional $2.2 billion in foreign currency. The $2.2 billion had been disbursed into the office of the National Security Adviser for the procurement of arms against Boko Haram insurgency, but the funds had not been spent for that actual purpose. Some reports have alleged that the funds had been kept for the re- election of President Goodluck Jonathan.

I am definitely not in support of  corrupt politicians, been set free but the question remains why is it of the  utmost importance that Dasuki remains in detention when his case could be tried and brought to an end.The court has continuously asked Dasuki to be released but this has not been the case.

In a report that had been titled “Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari Dupes the US” published by The Washington Times, there had been criticisms of President Buhari for placing Dasuki under house arrest, and also not permitting Dasuki to travel for medical attention. The newspaper had said that Buhari’s action was an attempt to totally destroy his political opponents and did not come from a place of getting rid of corruption.

Alhaji Tanko Yakasai, President Shehu Shagari Frederick Fasehun, had described Buhari’s corruption war as “selective” saying that Buhari was on an all out revenge mission against Dasuki. Is there really a revenge theory going on? after all Buhari has never come out to say that Dasuki had actually arrested him in the 1985 coup.

Reno Omokri had once made an allegation that had left everyone in shock. He had said that Dasuki had benefited from the slush funds. Revealing that Dasuki had bought an armored vehicles for Buhari. He had said that most of the money stolen by Dasuki was used to protect VIPs which included  Buhari during the 2015 elections. Omokri had wondered why the Federal Government had decided on a secret trial instead of a public one. He had said that Dasuki did not steal any money but instead it had being paid to him. He had asked why Buhari was demanding a secret trial if they had nothing to hide. Also revealing how Buhari had escaped an attack by Boko Haram in Kaduna on July 23rd 2014. His claim had been that the money that had been alleged to be stolen was used to protect Buhari, and get armored vehicles for Buhari because Jonathan had a large heart.

His statement had read in part

“Buhari was not entitled to an armoured car. By his entitlements he and other former leaders were entitled to two regular cars, but Dasuki went out of his way to import a specialized armoured vehicle that could resist bombs and bullets to protect Buhari. Go on the Internet and find out how much that cost.

“Section 3 (1) of the Remuneration of Former Presidents and Heads of State (And other Ancillary Matters) Decree of 1999 provides that a former head of state is entitled to “Three vehicles to be bought by the Federal Government and liable to be replaced every four years.”

“The usual practice was for former heads of state to be given a good car like a Peugeot from PAN or some similar car.

“The Jonathan administration was under no obligation to provide President Buhari with an armored SUV, but because you had decent people in authority, they valued Buhari’s life and went beyond what the law prescribes.

Let us take a walk down history lane and take a look at the conspiracy theory that might be actually going on

In 2016 Dasuki had said that his continued detention was the the job of President Mohammadu Buhari without any fresh fresh charges brought against him. His lawyer Joseph Daudu(SAN) had said that he was rearrested on December 29, 2015 shortly after he was released from prison on fulfilling the bail conditions imposed on him by the court. His lawyer said that  from what was going on it was quite clear that the DSS was acting under Buhari personal vendetta against Dasuki. In December 29 2015 Dasuki had been released from Kuje prison in Abuja but was then arrested and taken to an unknown destination. He had said that Buhari had clearly stated the likes of Dasuki and Nnamdi Kanu will not be allowed to go on bail, even if they were granted bail.

It has been alleged that Buhari and Dasuki major issues revolves around the 1985 toppling of Buhari’s government, but let us go back to the 1983 coup that had brought Buhari to power, for it seems back then that there had been a close relationship between Dasuki and Buhari. Mustapha Jokolo, who was the Aide de Camp, ADC, to Mr. Buhari had said that Dasuki had played a major role in sourcing the fund of the coup that had brought Buhari into power. He had also revealed that Sambo Dasuki was the one who had been getting money from  Aliyu Gusau and Chief of Army Staff votes to help the coup plot, and that a single kobo had not come from Buhari, he also said that Dasuki had used his father’s money to sponsor some Mallams to go to Saudi Arabia to pray for the coup. This clearly shows that Dasuki at that point had been ready to go the extra mile for Buhari, the bond between them had been clearly very strong.

In a book titled “An Encounter with the Spymaster by Yushau Shuaib,” The author had asked Dasuki why he had gone to such length to topple the govt of Buhari two years after he had help place him in power, he had simply replied that General Buhari should Know who to blame. This statement in itself is extremely cryptic and contains so many undertones.

He had said and I quote

“I always respect and dignify my seniors and those in positions of authority, whether in service or after, though as a young officer I was reluctant to be among those that arrested him. And I was not. “I only met him afterward at Bonny Camp with Lawal Rafindadi. There is no way I could have maltreated him as being alleged in some quarters. I am glad most of the actors are still alive.”

Abdulmuminu Aminu a retired colonel from Katsina State, had revealed the identities of the three majors who allegedly arrested Buhari at that time. Aminu had revealed that  he had led the team followed by Lawan Gwadabe and John Madaki

President Mohammadu Buhari has never come out to clearly state that he was arrested by Dasuki, Dasuki in return has blatantly denied arresting Buhari in 1985 coup, If the two men that were involved in the  saga have refused to set the records straight in the rumor making the rounds, then we can categorically say that the theory can be debunked. What then is the true story behind Dasuki, Buhari and Jonathan? Who is Dasuki really working for? Is it Buhari or Jonathan? We have three men, two presidents, a man in detention and a conspiracy that is clearly buried too deep to be unraveled


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