Nigerians In Divided Opinions After Fresh £211m Abacha Loot Was Discovered

Nigerians on social media are divided as opinions continue to trail fresh discovery of funds looted by ex Military head of state General Sani Abacha.


The news broke out on Tuesday that money laundered by late Gen. Abacha  has been seized from a bank in Jersey, Channels Islands by a British court.

The money worth £211,000,000 was put into accounts held in Jersey by Doraville Properties Corporation, a British Virgin Island company.

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The recovery Abacha loot, as it’s fondly called, has been a long standing recurring decimal in the country, with installments of the funds the late general laundered oversea having being recovered in the time past.

The recent recovery was more than £228m that was originally deposited in Luxembourg, which is a fraction of the billions of dollars allegedly looted while Abacha was in power from 1993 to 1998.

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But this latest discovery is to the tune of  £211,000,000 and will be held by the government until authorities in Jersey, the US and Nigeria come to an agreement on how it should be distributed.


June 20, 1996 – $10 million and £5 million

August 20, 1996 – $30 million and £15 million

September 24, 1996 – $50 million

September 30, 1996 – $50 million and £3 million

October 14, 1996 – $5 million

November 11, 1996 – $5 million and £3 million

February 18, 1997 – $6 million F

ebruary 28, 1997 – $3 million

March 3, 1997 – $3.27 million

March 6, 1997 – $1.21 million

April 22, 1997 – $60 million

April 28, 1997 – $60 million and £30 million

June 30, 1997 – $4.9 million

July 9, 1997 – $5 million and £2 million

August 8, 1997 – $10 million

October 18, 1997 – $12.3 million

October 21, 1997 – £5.88 million

October 23, 1997 – £14.76 million

October 29, 1997 – £11.76 million

November 14, 1997 – $10 million

November 26, 1997 – $24 million

December 10, 1997 – $24 million

December 18, 1997 – £6.15 million

Nigerians however have continued to react, pending the next line of action by the government.

An online user,Prof Ikechi Mgbeoji, has called for the country to immortalize the ex general who “stole that we may live”

He wrote: “Time has come for us to immortalize Abacha. He stole that we may live. Like a visionary squirrel, he stashed away the loot in dark and faraway places where the sun won’t shine on them. What a man! 211 million pounds sterling just popping up after 20 yrs? Genius. I say, genius.

Tragedy is that if Abacha was alive, we wouldn’t hear pim about his loot and exploits. He is getting these “insults” because he is in the grave. We have not heard of the loot of those he learnt from. Abacha was a genius but he learnt at the feet of grandmasters.”

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2 thoughts on “Nigerians In Divided Opinions After Fresh £211m Abacha Loot Was Discovered

  1. Unbelievable, maybe a dream. £211m alert telegram received in 9ja ? That is a Biblical mannah. Future (after 2023) will tell is more genius in stealing or looting of our fathers land’s money.

  2. The Incredible hulk, would any Head of State or President ever beat Abacha’s record? This man is a money making monster…

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