Tinubu’s Game Plan Has Been Exposed! Group reveals It All, Informs Buhari On How He Is Planning To Betray Him

The group, Southwest Consensus Group (SCG), approached President Muhammadu Buhari and the north to be careful about Tinubu – The group lamented that the APC national leader has been marginalizing the south-west zone in favor of Lagos-based or bred politicians.

The party warned President Buhari to give the arm twisting strategies of the previous Lagos state governor a second consideration, cautioning that the noisy cry of marginalization of a segment of the south-west is Tinubu’s game plan. The party further affirmed that the APC national leader has truly been the one marginalizing the zone in favor of Lagos-based or reproduced lawmakers.

The group, in an announcement issued on Wednesday, May 15 by its administrator, Timothy Enietan-Matthews, said the previous governor have not just demonstrated he is the most dominant individual from the ruling party yet have likewise made his adopted state the most dominant state in the region.

He said that since the inception of the APC administration Tinubu has cornered and engaged Lagos government officials and situated them for takeover in the closest future. He added that the Yoruba agitation is boisterous yet unheard in light of the fact that the appearing marginalization of the district is man or self inflicted.

He added that the Lagos proprietor can’t be said to be battling for the Yoruba individuals as his antecedent amid the NASS authority battle in 2011, when he abandoned two Yoruba contender to help Aminu Tambuwal and guaranteed individuals from his party casted a ballot against the two Yoruba competitors speaks volumes of what he stands for.

He said that Asiwaju Tinubu additionally demonstrated his affection for Lagos and despise for different states in 2015, when he intensely opposed a famous Yoruba Osun, Rt. Hon Lasun Yusuf. Saying the only reason he did this is because Hon. Yusuf is from Osun, an alleged settlement of Lagos, where they must be surrogates to Lagos and her ruler.

Including that It is additionally note worthy to review that the expansionist moves of the APC national leader was in charge of sending Rauf Aregbesola to Osun, Femi Lanlehin to Oyo, Opeyemi Bamidele to Ekiti and a few others to look for elective posts. “The expansionist motivation made him dismiss an increasingly famous competitor in Osun where the contention killing the APC started with the issue of immediate and roundabout primaries. The Deputy Speaker of the House was baffled in light of the fact that a Lagosian must supplant another in Osun.

arguing that the Lord has been benevolent to Asiwaju Tinubu with the triumph of the APC in 2015, particularly with the VP slot he jumped on a platter of gold, the group demanded that it he was relied upon to divert his vitality towards the liberation of the region. “Unfortunately, he is increasingly concerned about making Lagos the recipient of all that this routine brings to the table.

He went ahead to explain that Lagos, being the previous capital of Nigeria, has the benefit of foundations than some other part of the country. and that why should Lagos see herself like the only state of the region? And for what reason in particular should For what reason in particular should every benefit accruaable to the south west be given to Lagos.

The group likewise criticized current moves by Tinubu to make another Lagosian the Speaker of House of Representatives in the person of Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, when the officeholder VP is from a similar state. This shows unmistakably that the APC national leader is just worried about Lagos and his protégés than the aggregate enthusiasm of the Yoruba individuals.

He went ahead to explain that the move additionally by Asiwaju Tinubu to impact who turns into the next Senate President is another approach to arm twist Mr. President and move from the south-west to making himself a national king maker
He explained that they needed Mr President and the north to be cautious about the expansionist agenda of a man who needs to take the country inside his grasp by installing Speaker and Senate President.

They added that if on the off chance that Mr President remains aloof and enable his candidates to rise, at that point he can make sure his administration is Tinubu’s next target. They called on the president, the north and all men of heart to be careful with the tricks of Asiwaju Tinubu before everyone gets devoured by his voracious craving and desire for power

Source: Ripples.ng

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