Presidency In Deep Fear, Holds Belief That Atiku May Have STRONG Evidence To Prove Buhari Did Not Win Presidential Elections Legally

On Wednesday, the presidential election tribunal kicked off having all the parties involved in the process present at the tribunal to kick start the legal exercise in determining who should legally be declared as the winner of the 2019 presidential elections.

This is as information from 247ureports indicates that the presidency may not be settled and collected because of the proceedings of the tribunal so far.

According to an unnamed aide to the President who spoke on the phone, the presidency remains quite disturbed because of the presidential tribunal to the extent that it holds the belief that the PDP and its Presidential candidate Abubakar Atiku may have all the evidence to theoretically convince the tribunal panel of judges that President Muhammadu Buhari did not win the presidential elections of 2019 in a legal manner.

Available evidence may be sufficient enough to prove that the election was rigged which is likely to arouse the interests of the tribunal panel judges.

The source notes that the presidency is aware that Atiku has yet to lose a legal battle in his political career.

“While he was Vice President to Obasanjo, President Obasanjo brought thirteen [13] separate legal cases against Atiku. He won all of them”, said the source who went on to indicate that “Atiku is highly meticulous”.

The source gave indication that Atiku would never go into a legal battle without having a waterproof and fireproof evidence. “He is an institution” that cannot be easily pushed over.

Moreover, the Presidential candidate of the PDP, may as well have anticipated the outcome of the 2019 presidential election and may have already prepared himself ahead of time to gather evidence for the tribunal.

Atiku’s reference of the computer servers of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was a strong factor to intimate the Presidency that Atiku had already prepared himself in readiness for the declaration of a distorted result by the INEC.

Atiku’s reach and wide influence in the Nigeria political spectrum may have afforded him the opportunity of having moles within the INEC that availed him the ‘real’ INEC results in a manner that could be presented in court as hard evidence.

The presidency has, in turn, began to exhibit concern over the reality that Atiku may indeed have access to the data (results) stored at the INEC Sever.

To this extent, the Presidency, using its security agencies began indiscriminate invitations and arrests of chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Chieftains in the like of Raymond Dokpesi were stopped at the airport – not by immigration agents – but by agents of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency (NIA).

Their line of questioning was not on his immigration status. Rather, he was questioned on the contacts he made abroad and why he was travelling to the country he was returning from.

Months after his arrest, building complexes at one of his business premises was demolished by the federal government.

The source revealed the INEC sever results which Atiku claims to have possession of – remains a serious concern to the presidency.

The presidency is aware that INEC stores all its election results in a secure server for storage. “How Atiku penetrated it” surprised them but they are not taking it lightly.

In consolation, the aide added that as at the time of the election, President Buhari was considerably popular in the core northern states – and thus may have legitimately scored higher votes that Atiku. But beyond that, “we did not do well”.

(Naija News)

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