Liberian President, George Weah Chased Out Of Office By Two Black Snakes – SEE FULL DETAILS + VIDEO

George Weah is a Liberian politician and former professional football player currently serving as the 25th President of Liberia, in office since 2018. Prior to his election to the presidency, Weah served as Senator from Montserrado County. During his football career, he played as a striker. His prolific 18-year professional playing career ended in 2003.


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It was reported that Snakes were found in Liberian President George Weah’s office, forcing him to work from his private residence. Smith Toby, Press secretary on Wednesday said two black snakes were found in the foreign affairs ministry building, his official place of work.


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All staff have been told to stay away until 22 April.


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“It’s just to make sure that crawling and creeping things get fumigated from the building,” Mr Toby said.


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“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts the office of the president, so it did an internal memo asking the staff to stay home while they do the fumigation,” he said.


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The office of the president has been based in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since a fire in 2006 gutted the nearby presidential mansion.



“The snakes were never killed,” Mr Toby said. “There was a little hole somewhere [through which] they made their way back.”


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Police and presidential security were seen guarding Mr Weah’s residence in the capital Monrovia. A fleet of vehicles including escorts jeeps were parked outside. Mr Toby said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs started to fumigate on Friday.


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“That building’s been there for years now, and [because of] the drainage system, the possibility of having things like snakes crawling in that building was high,” he said.


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The president is definitely returning to his office on Monday after the fumigation whether or not the snakes are found and killed, Mr Toby said.


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In a similar news that was reported months ago, Nigeria’s president spent three months working from home after his office was damaged by rats. Muhammadu Buhari who just returned from three months in the UK as at when the incident happened, amid widespread concerns over his health.


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But spokesman Garba Shehu said the office required renovation after damage was done to the furniture and air conditioning in his absence. He said the president had a “well-equipped” office at home that he could work “perfectly” from.



Many users of Nigerian social media had cast doubt on the reason given for Mr Buhari working from home.


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Some mocked the irony of the rat story because Mr Buhari is nicknamed the ‘”Lion President”.


But others have come to the defence of the president’s spokesperson’s story.

One Twitter user @MandyChisholm wrote: “It is possible for rat to destroy Buhari’s office, I kid you not, Nigerian rats are bloody.



“I remember the group of rats that ate my mattress, drank my bottle of olive oil, ate the whole bottle and everything else in site but not the rat poison. So imagine what political rats can do…”



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Source: BBC