Here is Why Buhari Does Not Need WAEC Certificate To Be President, Keyamo Reveals Shocking Revelation

Festus Keyamo, spokesman of the All Progressive Congress while appearing on national TV on Sunday said Buhari does not need WAEC certificate to become the president of Nigeria.

According to him, you’re better fit and qualified to become the president of federal republic if you have spent a reasonable amount of time in public office.

In the just concluded presidential election held in the country, the opposition party has come out to decry the qualification of the presidential candidate of the

All Progressive Congress, that Buhari lacks the credibility to become the president of a country as big as Nigeria, been all he has is just a WAEC result.

Thou the constitution plainly spelt it out that at least a WAEC result is needed before one can contest for the position of the President of the federal republic of Nigeria,

the spokesman of the All Progressive Congress has decried the requirement that been educated to the level of owing a WAEC result is not needful to lead Nigeria. According to him, there are better qualification to be able to led Nigeria.

Keyamo said “There are other levels of qualifications to run for the office of President. In fact, if you have occupied the public office for a reasonable length of time, by the provisions of the constitution, you do not even need a WAEC certificate to become President of Nigeria.

“It becomes extremely foolish for anybody who is not statutorily empowered to issue WAEC certificates to come and challenge the body that has the statutory power to issue certificates.”

Going further, the All Progressive Progress Congress has accused the presidential candidate of the People’s Democractic Party, Abubakar Atiku that he’s not a Nigerian, due to his place of birth, he his a Cameroon.

The fight for the presidential seat has long begone before the election between the two most contending party, APC and PDP and their candidate, APC and PDP. With both parties at logger head with each other.

Even after the declared winner of the presidential by the electoral umpire, INEC to be Buhari, the opposition party has rejected the election results and has chosen to take redress in court.

Recently the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate, Abubakar Atiku was accused of lobbying with the US counsel to declared the winner of the 2019 presidential election, which he was accused of paying the US counsel $30,000 to unseat Buhari as the president, thou he decried the accusation.

The fights for the presidential position still continues.

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