Judiciary remained my main headache” was Buhari right with his assertion?

Sometimes in February 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari, said in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that the judiciary remained his main headache in the fight against corruption. He said:

“If you reflect on what I went through for 12 years when I wanted to be the President, I attempted three times and on the fourth attempt through God and the use of technology, it was possible for Nigerians to elect an APC candidate as President.


“In my first attempt in 2003, I ended up at the Supreme Court and for 13 months I was in court. The second attempt in 2007, I was in a court close to 20 months and in 2011, my third attempt, I was also in court for nine months.

“All these cases went up to the Supreme Court until the fourth time in 2015, when God agreed that I will be President of Nigeria.”

Sometimes last week when the court ruled in favour of the chief justice of Nigeria against the federal government, the injunction of “no case” pervaded the media space saying it was a “media trial”. Yesterday, the chief judge was reported to have finally resigned barely 24 hours after the national judicial council concluded their investigation on him over various allegations of misconduct.

I guess the judicial office is more like a sacred office. The last time I checked, it was the last hope for a common man. If a chief judge of a sovereign country like Nigeria can admit he forgot to update his assets, can we say he doesn’t have a better understanding of the law having occupied such an exalted office?


Some Naysayers would say Buhari’s anti-corruption fight his sectional, that some sets of politicians have immunity in his sight while some don’t so he goes after the latter. I believe there is no smoke without a fire. One can say the culmination of these drama amounts to why Buhari keeps having a headache over Judiciary and Nigerians that are irrational with their minds and thinking.

Conclusively, I think we should be rational with the way we engage our minds per time if we complain about bad governance, the masses have a role in it, and vice versa. should be able to exhibit the right attitude in adapting to changes when the government makes the new initiative.

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