Atiku, PDP suffers another major defeat!! Key major sponsor loses billions to Buhari’s government- PDP broke? See details

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is certainly experiencing difficult times. After the party were comprehensively booted out of power in 2015, the leadership of the party of the party put all plans in place that will see it regain power in 2019.

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Plagued by dwindling finances, the PDP decided to offer its presidential ticket to individuals capable of financing a robust campaign, hence top the choice of governors and other of former political office holders.

As it happens, the party ended up selecting former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar to be its Presidential candidate, Atiku is believed to have a large cash reserve and links to both domestic and international financial lords that will be willing that could pick the tabs at any time of the request.

However, Atiku failed to deliver the office the PDP most needed, the former Vice President, despite putting up a valiant effort, ultimately failed to unseat the incumbent President Buhari.

To this end, the party will need its financial backers to continue to foot the bills for another four years, indeed, most of the burden will fall on the state governors, rich individuals and other elected officials will have to put in a fair shift too.

One of such persons is the Wife of the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan, Mrs Patience Goodluck Jonathan. She is a member of the PDP and it is believed that though she is no longer in office, she has been a benefactor of the party.


However, the former First Lady looks to be heading for difficult financial times. She recently lost a bid to regain over three billion Naira seized from her by the EFCC. The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled Mrs Jonathan failed to convince the panel of judges that she deserves to keep the money.

“The appellant should go back to the trial court and show cause while the forfeiture order should not be made perpetual. The panel has measured the arguments canvassed by parties and is convinced that the appeal lacks merit and is herewith dismissed,” the Judgement reads.

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