REVEALED! World Top Politicians And The Football Club They Support (Two African President On The List)

Most of the top world politicians have incredibly busy lives, balancing long hours of serving their constituents or citizens with keeping their name out of scandal and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Many, however, still find time in their schedules to back their favorite football teams. Down are some of the powerful politicians and their favorite teams.
5. George Weah -Juventus

Former World Player of the Year, now 25th and current President of Liberia, George Weah is best remembered for his time at Milan in the late 1990s, but the San Siro legend has claimed he always supported fierce rivals Juventus.

George Weah: “Juventus are the team of my heart since I was a child. I have Juve in my blood, but I never got the chance to play for them.”
4. Edward Miliband -Leeds United

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The man more famed for failing to properly eat a bacon sandwich than his political policies claims to be a “lapsed Leeds United fan”, due to his position as MP for Doncaster North.
3. Paul Kagame -Arsenal

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Rwanda President Paul Kagame is a diehard fan of the English League football club, Arsenal. Recently, he has found a way of forming a commercial relationship with the team.

Kagame and Arsenal have signed what is being reported as “the biggest sleeve sponsorship contract in the Premier League.” With Rwanda becoming Arsenal’s first sleeve sponsor for the first post-Arsene Wenger season.

2. Vladimir Putin – FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

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Vladimir Putin probably does not have an awful lot of time for football, particularly in the current climate, but the Russian President is a native of St. Petersburg and is known as a fervent fan of Zenit.

1. Queen Elizabeth II -West Ham United

After long remaining tight-lipped about her favorite football team, the Queen revealed in 2009 that she is actually a West Ham United fan. She had always wanted to seem neutral but her admiration for the club dates back to the 1960s and 1970s when the late Ron Greenwood was in charge of the club.

The Queen has also shown her love for Arsenal after meeting the team and their manager, Arsene Wenger, during a private function at Buckingham Palace. She was particularly impressed with Cesc Fabregas and chatted to him about King Juan Carlos of Spain.