Here’s The Real Story Behind Ekweremadu’s ‘Assassination’ Claim

What exactly happened at the residence of Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu on Tuesday, November 6, 2018? Was it a case of robbery or an assassination attempt?

We have two versions of what transpired and we’ll lay them out as simply as possible in the following paragraphs:

Ekweremadu says the invaders tried to assassinate him

The Deputy Senate President is so sure that the young men who arrived his home in the early hours of Tuesday, were sent to have him killed.

“It is with gratitude to Almighty God that I will like to tell my colleagues, my constituents and the general public that myself my wife and my son narrowly escaped assassination in the early hours of this morning,” Ekweremadu said.

He added that the assailants made their way to his bedroom.

“It was about 4am this morning that some people evaded the security in my house and got all the way to my room where I was sleeping with my wife – there was a struggle, there was a fight with heavy commotion and by the grace of God we eventually caught one of them and the rest escaped”.

He also said the police deserted him when it most mattered

According to Ekweremadu: “We handed that one over to the police investigating the matter. The annoying aspect of it or the one that is worrisome is that at that point I called the Inspector-general of Police (IGP), his phone was off, I called some of his aides, their phones rang out and nobody replied till now. I called DIG operations, till I left my house nobody showed up.

“I now had my people invite the DPO in charge of Apo police station. We didn’t see him till about 5:30. He sent his 2nd-in-command who came and he saw the dangerous weapons that they left behind, he left and said that the DPO was coming until I left my house by 9am, the DPO had not come”.

According to Ekweremadu, the assassination attempt on him is proof that Nigeria is no longer safe for everyone.

“Nobody is safe in this country. I want to appeal to my colleagues and the general public that we all continue to be prayerful, be conscious of our private security. It appears that the security is not in the hands of government but the Almighty God,” he concluded.

But the police says it was more of a robbery incident than an assassination attempt

Police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood issued a statement disagreeing with Ekweremadu’sversion of events.

“Preliminary investigation carried out so far did not reveal assassination attempt  on the life of the Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his family but a case of burglary”, the police statement read.

Moshood added that the suspects broke into another apartment before arriving at Ekweremadu’s Apo legislative quarters home.

“However, investigation is still ongoing to determine if there is any other motive behind the offence. The same suspects had earlier at about 0300Hrs broken into the residence of one Mr. Haliru Adamu of No. 38 Denis Osadebey Crescent, APO Legislative quarters where they stole phones, jewelries and other valuables before proceeding to the residence of the Deputy Senate President”.

Ekweremadu is fuming after the police painted the incident as a robbery

The Deputy Senate President has expressed disappointment at the police for calling the incident a robbery before they had carried out an investigation or interrogated the suspects.

The Deputy Senate President has also threatened to release video footage of the attack.

Ekweremadu also said the police did not bother to watch and study the video before rushing to issue a statement.

The senate also criticized the police

According to a report in Punch; “The Senate has condemned the Nigeria Police for dismissing the alleged assassination attempt on the Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, as burglary.

“Members of the Senate, at the plenary on Wednesday, took turns to criticize the police for making conclusions on the invasion of Ekweremadu’s home by armed men in the early hours of Tuesday without proper investigation”.

The police denies that it failed to intervene on time

“There was no delay in police intervention in the incident that occurred in the residence of the Deputy Senate President”, the statement from police headquarters added.

The police also announced that the officers who were watching over Ekweremadu’s residence when the men broke in, have been arrested for dereliction of duty.

“Four (4) Police personnel and One (1) personnel of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps on duty at the residence of the Deputy Senate President at the time of the incidence have been arrested and currently in detention for investigation for negligent acts and dereliction of duty”.

After reading from both parties, do you think it was a robbery or an assassination attempt?

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