Buhari Strikes Again; Fayose Residence Moved To EFCC Headquarters

Ayodele Fayose the Ekiti State Governor,  whose tenure came to an end on Monday midnight, has hinted earlier today that he would be visiting  the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Tuesday (today) with his bedclothes and pillowcase. This insinuated that he would be he held indefinitely for a crime.

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Fayose’s immunity has ended along side his tenure therefore opening him to attacks and questions. he has therefore been invited to the headquaters of the EFCC where he is expected to answer questions  to the  allegations that he received about N1.3bn from the Minister of State For Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikioro through the office of the National Security Adviser

The Peoples Democratic Party claims that the order for the detention of the out going  governor carried out by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)  was given under the directive of the presidency.


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In a statement issued on Monday in the federal capital  territory Abuja, Kola Ologbondiyan, the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP,  said information which has been made available for the party claims and in different social mediums indicated that the presidency had put the outgoing governor under the radar of EFCC to be detained as soon on Monday midnight.

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He consequently went ahead to claim that the directive given by the presidency was linked  with the scheme to use the EFCC and other security agencies to incarcerate the governor due to his dog headed and wavering criticism  of the President Muhammadu Buhari governing tactics.

The statement conveys in part, “The uncompromising stand of the outgoing governor against the present administration was the reason Ekiti State was invaded and taken by force during the last governorship election.”

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“By 12 midnight, the governor’s residence is expected to be surrounded by armed men of the EFCC under the guise that they had information of his plot to escape.

“This is to achieve their plan to humiliate the governor and portray him in bad light to the public by dramatizing his arrest.

“Nigerians can recall that it was the governor who offered to submit himself to the EFCC, despite the Commission’s clear display of bias and partisanship, as demonstrated in its various actions, especially its tweets and putting the governor on security watch-list.

“The EFCC even unprofessionally showed its bias in deriding the governor, making light of a very serious matter by mocking him and asking him to come before his tenure elapsed, which the governor declined — in line with the constitutional immunity.”

Ologbondiyan said it was obvious that Fayose was not planning to run away from the country.

“It is now beyond dispute that Governor Fayose is not a scoundrel running away from justice. Whatever the EFCC, APC, and the Presidency’s spin doctors may say, it is also clear to everyone that Fayose is not a coward; neither is he afraid of the EFCC,” he added.


According to him, “Since the EFCC said it had dusted up Fayose’s files, it should be ready to take him to court once he presents him at the agency’s office on Tuesday.

Speaking to journalists, however, Fayose said he was ready for the Commission.

He said, “That is their stock in trade. I heard about the plot as well, but I don’t care what they do. The Commission is not above the law

“How can they say I want to run away and as such, they want to come and invade my residence when I left Ado Ekiti on my own to come and see them? Anyway, I don’t expect better than that from the Commission.

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“I don’t care how long they will decide to keep me, but my voice will not go down. I represent the voice of the common people of Nigeria, I appreciate our party, the PDP, for their prompt reaction; but this nonsense will come to an end one day

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