2019: Presidential aspirant Ayo Da Silva says only Nigerians can save themselves from bad leadership

A presidential aspirant of Save Nigeria Congress (SNC) Ayo Da Silva has spoken about the problems confronting the country, saying the present economic quagmire facing  the country should be of utmost importance to everyone. He said that since the emergence of the ruling
APC, Nigeria has not been better than it was. He posited that the impact of the recession recently experienced by the country is still being felt by majority of the Nigerians. The SNC presidential aspirant also hinted on his work experience before venturing into politics.

“As a young entrepreneur and a health practitioner, I worked with many charitable organizations, helping families, formed innovative partnership with small businesses and corporation to better the lives of many Nigerians. While in the US, I co-founded the Yoruba America Community and served as a two-time president and also played a key
role in Barrack Obamas campaign’’.
According to him, the Save Nigeria Congress which was initially found as a revolutionary Movement to change Nigeria later metamorphosed into a political party.

“What started as a political Revolutionary Movement to change Nigeria gave birth to the party called SNC. Save Nigeria Congress is focused on establishing a structure for all Nigerians from all walks of life, free from religious and ethnic Bias working together passionately to see a better Nigeria.”

He further stressed that if only Nigerian Government can channel their energy and focus towards some sectors of the economy the country would be a better place for all.

“The solutions to Nigeria problem lies in Energy, Employment, Agriculture, National Security, World Class Healthcare System, Education, Infrastructural Development, Booming Economy, Youth and Women Empowerment, Media, Tourism, Culture and Development of Entertainment industry among many others and in achieving all this, Nigerians should be ready to try something new if they are really tired of the current administration and situation of the country.”

Ayo Da Silva posited that another factor hindering our progression politically is God Fatherism, stressing that it has done more harm than good to the country.

“God fatherism is another factor Nigerians needs to be careful of before it ruins us. I am of the opinion that only Nigerians can save Nigeria in the coming election in 2019 by taking the right decision and not allowing anyone bait them into taking four thousand Naira which is expected to be spent for four years. Beyond listing several points of Agendas, as Nigerians we should ask
question more on the implementation of these Agendas. Basically all we need are answers, solutions on how and where to get funds to solve the problem as well working with a time Frame of executing the projects. It is high time we enjoy that change we so much desire and long for
and that is why Nigerians should take the bold step and really try something new which is different from the usual, he concluded.”

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