Nigerian NGO to host over 25 investors from USA on a Trade Mission to the country

As part of effort to contribute, promote and re-position the Nigerian economy towards achieving Sustainable Development, Arise O Nigeria is partnering with reputable international organizations across the continents (Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East & Asia) to organize trade & investment summits towards converging potential Investors in various sectors to Nigeria.

The U.S Nigeria Trade Council, a US based organization has partnered with Arise O Nigeria to organize the *US NIGERIA TRADE
& INVESTMENT EXPO/SUMMIT* as a platform to showcase over 25 investors who are interested in Investing in Nigeria from different Part of the world to the
Nigerian Government.
✓ This event is scheduled to hold on July 27th – 30th, 2020.
Proposed Venue: International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja – Nigeria

✓ This event is structured to engage policy/decision makers, captains of industry, financiers and entrepreneurs. Activities will include keynotes and
presentations by renowned speakers in business and government, panel sessions, B2B engagements for strategic alliances and partnerships.
✓ This event will also create opportunity for entrepreneurs to present viable project for sponsorship from Investors, private and public sector
✓ There will be high level Exhibition in Agribusiness, Energy, Telecommunication, Mining, Real Estate, Manufacturing,Healthcare, Hospitality, Travel & Tours, Information/ Communication and Technology (ICT) sectors etc.
✓ This event aims at promoting better integration for Nigeria’s economic growth, engaging high-calibre local and international leaders, scholars, captains of industry, social luminaries and entrepreneurs.
✓ Businessmen and women from said sectors will have the opportunity to showcase their products, network and pitch their businesses to a carefully selected team of high-level Financial Powerhouses and Investors interested in finding viable business opportunities and strategic partnerships in Nigeria.
✓ This Summit will develop Intra-trade/US/Nigeria investments drive to explore investment opportunities.

Overall, this summit is expected to offer tangible and palpable investments to all participants.
The Program is scheduled to hold as follows…

TUESDAY, JULY 27th, 2020
– Grand Opening, Welcome Cocktail & Tour

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28th, 2020
. Trade & Investment Roundtable Sessions
High-level Investors Roundtable fostering Interaction between investment stakeholders to address policy Challenges for investment and enterprise
development. Planned to be the largest gathering of Nigerian Entrepreneurs & International Investors. Activities will include keynotes and presentations by renowned speakers in business and government, panel sessions, and B2B engagements for strategic alliances and partnerships.

Industry Sectors of Focus: Agriculture & Rural Development, Power & Alternative Energy, Finance, Security, Corruption, Infrastructure – Real estate, road development & transportation, Technology/ ICT, Oil & Gas

✓ Structural Reforms & Policies for National Economic Development.
✓ The Role of investment strategies and Policies for National Development
✓ Corruption & its effect on Economic Growth.
✓ The Role & Impact of National Security on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).
✓ Financial Sector Reform and Its Impact on Investment and Economic Growth.
✓ Agricultural investment options for poverty Alleviation & Rural
✓ Energy Investment & its impact on Economic Growth.
✓ Building peace & achieving sustainable development; women’s role in nation building.
✓ The roles & impact of Federal Government on Foreign Direct Investment towards national development.

✓ Unparalleled Networking with Business Professionals-: Networking is the number 1 reason for participants to Connect with hundreds of business decision-makers from C-suite to business development.
✓ Access to High-Level Nigerian Government Representatives: Investors will have opportunity to meet key MDA Directors, Ministers and decision-makers
in one place, at one time.

THURSDAY, JULY 29th,, 2020
– Trade Expo & Exhibition

FRIDAY, JULY 30th, 2020 – Leadership, Peace and Security Summit is a round-table where key players in the African Security sector will bring up constraints to greater collaboration and jointly develop solutions to foster peace and security in Nigeria & Africa at Large.

– This award honor is a recognition of commitment to
a higher duty and responsibility which recognizes past accomplishments, potential to do more, and a partnership for sustainable development.
Arise O Nigeria is uniting leaders serving as catalysts of social change, a Network of credible individuals who have strong passion for humanity transforming local communities and championing the realization of the sustainable development goals in Nigeria which are called the SDG Ambassadors..

1. Encourage the implementation of the SDGs across all traditional borders of religion, political affiliation, social status, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc. As a result, the program hopes to attain these two core objectives:
2. Promote a culture of sustainable development, in which people are born into a lifestyle of progress and potential. Facilitating the development of local communities of leaders that will continuously work towards the realization of the SDGs.

Awardees will be inducted as a FELLOW of the U.S Chartered Institute Of Management & Leadership (CIML) at the US AFRICA TRADE & INVESTMENT GLOBAL SUMMIT scheduled to hold in Georgia, Atlanta, USA October 15th -17th, 2020

Awardee’s Profile & humanitarian Projects will be published on various media platform including Al-Jazirah Newspaper, BEN Television, Thisday Newspaper.

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