Meet Nigerian ‘Baby’ Programmer Who Has Built More Than 30 Games (Video)

A young Nigerian boy from the Igbo descent who identifies as Basil Okpara jr is making waves after he was interviewed by CNN revealing, he had built over 30 games.

The boy who sat in a stylish living room of a home in a suburb of Nigeria’s commercial hub, Lagos, was pictured tapping away on his laptop keyboard. The 9-year-old revealed he was currently developing a hide and seek game, using a free programming application called Scratch 2.

Scratch 2 allows users to design games, animations, and stories online or offline. So far, Basil has used it to created and builts over 30 mobile games.

Today’s game includes a bat he has programmed to hide. The player gets a point every time he catches the bat when it appears from its hiding place. “I discovered how to build a video game at a boot camp. Now, I create to keep myself busy when I am bored,” Basil told CNN. In March, his dad signed him up for a five-day boot camp for little children ranging for age 5 to 15.



The camp, founded by Codefest International, was built to give talented children like Basil access to rising technologies like robotics and virtual reality. The father recounted how Basil Okapara used to play alot of video games growing up.

“I got him a tablet when he was a toddler because I saw that he was fond of grabbing phones to play games with. He played Candy Crush and Temple Run a lot,” his dad CNN.

But Basil’s attention in building games grew at age 7 after he got reprimanded for spending all of his time playing the games.

“There was this day he was so engrossed on the game, he was playing that I got upset with him,” his father said.

“Out of angry, I said to him, ‘you are so fond of playing games, can’t you think about making your games so others can play yours too?’. I said this words out of annoyance and I did not know he took it thoughtfully,” he added.

Since then, Basil displayed a huge interest in learning how to create his games, urging his parents to buy him a laptop and sign him up to learn the first steps of making games. Basil also revealed, he wants to be a scientist in the future, titles his games based on what they are about. But according to his dad who reveals that one of his games titled Frog attack, will be on Google play store in August.

Africa has the highest youth population in the world, and like Basil Okpara, this population is taking the lead when it comes to change on the continent. And with Africa experiencing increased investment from tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Basil and his peers are on their way to becoming future coding stars.



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