8 Signs That Your Partner Is A Gold Digger, No 7 Is More Prevalent

There are certain signs a partners exhibits that gives them off as gold giggers. If your partner shows five of the eight gold digging signs described in this article, the best thing you can do is to drop them for somebody else. These 8 Signs proves that your partner is a gold digger
Wants expensive gifts
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Yes, i know we all love don’t we? But if they  can’t accept a cheap gift and gets angry when gifted. A partner who really love you wouldn’t care so much if the gifts are expensive or cheap, they’d rather settle for what ever gift they are given and be happy. You know, you are being played when they get angry and sad at gifts given to them.
High social status
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A gold digger will always want to socialize with who is who in society and they do this by associating with the rich. If you fit right into her mold, she will do anything to get into your heart, pants and pockets. Once she’s in your circle rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty, chances are she is scouting for a richer man and before you know it she has dropped you.
She never picks the bill
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Most women have the notion that men should always pick the bill whether or not they invited him over for coffee or dinner. If she starts displaying signs of amnesia when the bill comes without ever offering to at least go Dutch, you are being used. She will make you take her for shopping, expensive holidays and what not without batting an eyelid all on your tab.
Her friends are also gold diggers
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Birds of a feather flock together or better still, show me your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are. If her close circle of friends only date rich men for financial gains, chances are she has been influenced by their tendencies and does the same.
Wants to know your financial status
According to Nairaland, It is normal for people who are getting to know each other to ask questions about career, profession etc. But if she is more interested in knowing more about your job, position, car you drive, where you live and so forth rather than personal interests, she is probably calculating in her head whether you are worth her time and how she can position herself in your life. That is, if you can afford her expensive needs.
She hates other women
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Gold diggers are usually insecure because they wouldn’t want to lose any privileges they have and therefore they avoid and dislike the company of other women who might be a threat to her. She display’s that she can take care of herself but with someone else’s money.
She’s out of your league
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When she’s way better looking than you it’s time to consider that she’s not with you because she loves you but because you have a fat wallet. She is with you to become wealthy and not to settle down.
No career goals
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Instead of climbing career ladders, these women climb from one man to the next. She has no intentions of working for herself and would rather use her assets to seduce men for her upkeep. She brings no money into the relationship but expects everything to be done for her.
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