Nigerian Lady Laments Over Disappointing Experience At ATM Point Which Had Over 20 Men On Queue

A young Nigerian lady has shared what she considered a sad experience when she went to use an ATM which had more than 20 guys on the queue.

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She narrated that there were 24 guys on the queue before her and she was expecting the guys to respect the fact that she’s a lady and be given a special treatment by being allowed to withdraw money before them, but to her surprise the guys didn’t even look her direction or act like they noticed her presence.

Read what she shared online:

It is very common among women, especially Nigerian women to seek preferential treatment whenever they find themselves in the midst of men. But it is only unfair to the men when women fight for gender equality under the umbrella of feminism and still want to be given certain privileges over men.

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As a woman, you find yourself at an ATM point, there are men standing before you and you expect them to let you go ahead of them to withdraw your cash because you’re a woman, just like the scenario above. What happened to protocols? It’s a queue and whoever gets there first is expected to do what he/she came to do before the next person. Same thing happens in other places such as banks, supermarkets, BRT bus stops and many other places.

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Funny enough, women never give preferential treatments or special benefits to men and they don’t even want other men to give preferences to men over them. Are the men less human? Or because they look tough you believe they should be treated less important or allowed to suffer and struggle?

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Many women clamor for equality with men but are not ready to experience the same things men experience. They want to be treated specially like eggs or queens, claiming they’re a weaker sex, and want men to be treated with iron hands, but when it comes to career opportunities and high ranked positions, they forget they are a ‘weaker sex’ like they call themselves and want to attain same positions as men. They even constantly remind people that ‘what a man can do, a woman can do better”.

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Women say they want an equality with men right? Then let’s look at this scenario; a jerrycan full of water is kept before a man and a lady and one of them is expected to carry it. The general mindset and expectation is that the man should be the one carry it and not the woman because the woman is believed to not be as strong as the man. Meanwhile in the real sense, there are actually women who are as strong as men or even stronger, but the general belief is that women have weaker bones.

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One could rightly say women are actually selfish and inconsiderate especially when it concerns men. Women shouldn’t be fighting for equality with men, but rather equity because at the end of the day, there can never be equality between men and women. The scale can never carry the same weight, unless we are all ready to be fair to one another and stop being selfish.

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