Ladies! Is your boyfriend’s mother like Patience Ozokwor? See how you will know this

Every lady must ensure that her spouses’ family members loves her as much her spouse does because these set of people can either make or mar the relationship. A guys family is as important as the guy. What the family likes and what they do not like should be your concern.

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His families matter a lot and so therefore if you can see signs and read body languages, you should be able to tell if they like you or not especially if his mother is a tough woman like nollywood actress Patience Ozokwor.

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We can all agree that it is crucial for our partner’s family to at least approve of our relationship, and that can only happen when they like you. No one wants to be married into a family that they always have to worry about how to act because nothing they ever do will be appreciated.

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And like the saying goes, ‘It’s easier to deal with a bad partner than it is to deal with a bad family’. So, if you are not sure if your partner’s family likes you, but you have a feeling they don’t; here are some subtle signs to look out for.

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1. They are not interested in knowing about you.
Usually, the family of your partner should be interested in knowing all you stand for, and although no one wants to be interviewed, everyone wants to be sure they care about them enough to want to know all about them.

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if they are not interested in knowing you, chances are they don’t want you in their life.

2. No eye contacts.
A licensed marriage and family therapist ones said that although everyone has a way of warming up to new people, their eye contact or lack of it is usually the best way to tell if they care about how they make you feel.

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Eye contact is said to be a polite way to make people feel welcome.

3. Your partner isn’t comfortable leaving you alone with them.
Although he wants to be by you during your first visit or visits, if he totally avoids leaving you alone with them, it’s a red flag.

Your partner must be comfortable enough to let you have some time alone with his family.

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4. They ask a lot of intense and negative questions.
As I said, no one wants to be put on the hot seat in the name of having a conversation. So, if they are out to ask you intense and negative questions that are obviously uncomfortable to answer; and they don’t care, it’s a sign they don’t like you.

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This is especially true when they ask questions to make you look like you are dumb. E.g., that’s an iPhone 10? Isn’t that awfully expensive for a schoolteacher? -something in that light.

5. When they miss inviting you out.
If you are in their house, and they are talking about brunch or dinner for the family sometime soon, and they don’t bother with asking if you would like to join them??? Then yea, they don’t like you, and they definitely don’t want you there.

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6. They don’t care about your family.
Your partner’s family should be interested in your family, and not just interested in you to talk about them, but for you to meet them as well.

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If they don’t care, it probably means they don’t see you sticking around for a longer time.

7. You have a feeling they don’t like you.
Our guts are smart, and we should learn to trust it more. If you have a deep feeling, they don’t like you; chanceRelated images are they don’t.


What you can do is discuss with your partner about how you feel about the meeting, and hoping they give you a genuine feedback.

8. They repeatedly cancel their plans on you.
If every time you make a plan to meet up with them, or invite them to your event; they cancel, they don’t like you.

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It just simply means you are not important to them.

9. They never buy you gifts.
They never buy you a gift no matter what you are celebrating. They don’t even call you.

10. They mispronounce your name.
If after a couple of visits, they still don’t care how to pronounce your name, it merely means they don’t care.

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11. They ignore your accomplishments.
Your spouse tells them about your new job, promotion or hairline; and they waved it aside? They don’t care about you.

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12. Their discussions don’t have anything to do with you.
They always bring up discussions that you cannot participate in, and when you try to chip in one or two statements, they disregard and change topic again.

Have you noticed the kind of person your mother in-law is?

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