Ride between Mainland and Island for only NGN100! How ORide saved my deal

I had been chasing a prospective client for the better part of 3 months and was finally able to get through to him. This is a key decision maker within an organization with an annual budget of over NGN1,000,000,000 – I had succeeded in booking an appointment to discuss the possibility of servicing the company.


On the date of the appointment, I got ready to make my way to the client’ office when my vehicle’s engine refused to come on. After several attempts to turn on the ignition, it spurted to life briefly but as I made to switch gears, the engine went back off.


I muttered “not today” under my breath as I thought of the available alternatives, considering traffic and the time I had wasted trying to get my vehicle’s engine to come on. An Uber would have sufficed if not for the traffic I was sure to encounter commuting between the Mainland and the Island.

I finally decided on using one of the various bike hailing services and proceeded to download the app but this was taking time that I didn’t have, to download. As I stood helplessly by the road contemplating what other options I had available to me, a green bike with a rider fully clad in body protection gear, stopped in front of me to pick up a passenger and I enquired how to access the service.


Fast-forward 5 minutes later and I am on the 3rd Mainland bridge, headed to my meeting on a bike similar to the one I had seen earlier. Upon completing the trip and to my surprise, the fare was NGN100. I expected the rider to protest the fare but he didn’t and this led me to ask why the trip was so cheap as it would have taken the regular bike service around NGN 1,200.

Introducing ORide: Here To Solve Traffic Headaches

ORide, a new innovative motorbike hailing service has launched in Lagos, Nigeria with the objective of providing transportation that’s simple to use, affordable and most importantly, super reliable.


A lot of emphasis has also been put on safety – the motorbike riders have been trained by safety experts with a 50% pass rate. Other potential riders are undergoing a driving improvement plan.


Using ORide is quite simple – it features a really cool user interface in the OPay app and is powered by the best tech, making it super easy to use!

Get a Free Coupon When You Use ORide!

As part of its launch initiative, you get 99% off your next ride when you download and book a ride on ORide – enter the coupon code 99ORIDE . Also, this weekend ORide is offering passengers up to 90% off 3 trips of up to NGN 1000 each. Meaning if you take 3 trips at NGN 1000 each, you get to pay only NGN 100.To apply, enter the promo code HAPPYWEEKEND on your ORide app.

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