Cultism practices in the 21st century are evil, guess the founders, Wole Soyinka, Ralph Opara, never saw it coming

In the early ’50s, students from poorer backgrounds who either stuck doggedly to their books looking forward to the day when the prize of an academic degree would compensate their present indignities conceived an organisational response to the eradication of those various forms of institutional decadence that pervaded the students’ environment at the time.

In other words, Pyrates confraternity which was formed in 1952 by the seven undergraduates wasn’t conceptualized to unleash violence of any kind but to organize the members so they can stand out among their peers.

The priorities of the cultists in this century is not in tandem with the philosophy and ideology of the founding fathers e.g Wole Soyinka, Sylvanus Ogbuche, Ralph Opara etc Most of these guys causing mayhem in communities were drop out, illiterates that can’t even spell the word cultism let alone demonstrate good conducts as a cultist.

In Ikorodu, the AYE confraternity group and Eiye confraternity group have been killing themselves for the last two weeks. At the time of writing this article, some innocent people were reported to have fallen victim of bad omen. Cars were destroyed, friends of friends shoot at each other over a reason am yet to ascertain.

I had a narrow escape today. I subconsciously wore a complete black attire to one of the areas where these hoodlums were perpetrating their violence. Everywhere seems like there was a curfew, immediately my intuition connected the dots. I am yet to figure the reason for this unrest, and why they have always resorted to killing themselves when there is a conflict.

Politicians make use of these thugs during elections. Since elections are gone, I think they are trying to create awareness that they are still useful perhaps someone has a job for them. Do they have agitation? Do they have Godfathers? how can the unrest in Ikorodu be settled?

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