SEDUCTION CLASS 101! Guys, Here’s How To Properly Seduce A Woman Till She Begs You To Have Her

Many women are attracted to men of large dimensions, is what some have called the “Hulk technique,” the fact that you can offer them a comfortable arms and chest in which to guard can become a great advantage because the feeling that Is offered is security and protection. Many men believe that one of the best techniques to seduce a woman is to approach her and become her best friend. Probably, sometimes this takes effect but also many men consider that this type of technique is not only a risk but is bound to fail, “if he sees you as a friend, he does not see you as nothing else.”

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What do you think about the depressed technique? Approaching a woman and tell her your sorrows may be an aphrodisiac for some, as they will want to take care of you and pamper you, but for other women it may turn out completely the opposite and turn off your desire, they can hear you but nothing else. Self-confidence can be one of the best incentives. Eye, it is not to be an arrogant one who goes giving flowers in each sentence that exchanges, but to know that one has its strengths, has something to offer others and her, knows who is and likes.

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Although in adolescence being intelligent and a “nerd” may not be something attractive, in adult life intelligence and culture are qualities that attract attention. Many women want their men to have a “bad boy” point but also that they can offer him something else, that they can impress. Although many think that chivalry has gone out of fashion is something that surprises all women, the vast majority in a positive way and if it is negative, you are also getting unforgettable because there are few who remember to have that type of details today.

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Humor and laughter are one of the most sought after qualities, consciously or unconsciously, in a couple. Newspapers are full of sad news, nobody wants to add more sadness to their lives but everyone wants to be able to laugh, have fun and forget about everything with someone. Knowing how to make a person laugh and laugh at their jokes is an extraordinary incentive.

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