EXPOSED! Man Leaks S*x Video With Girlfriend In A Car (photos)

This year is the year of sexual videos as more and more videos keep popping up on the internet. It all started with the security man who was seen sleeping with his underage girlfriend; then it moved to a beautiful girl purported to be a student of Mpraeso who was banged by his lover. We thought it was all over till a pastor’s sex video surfaced where he was seen with his girlfriend.



Well, the latest to hit the intimate market is a young man who was spotted in his Sonata car having sex with his girlfriend. In the video, the lady and the man were seen having sexual intercourse with each other as it rained and clearly they were in the ‘dreamland’. The man who was seen recording the act moment promised his girlfriend that he was going to delete it afterward. But here we are today, talking about their exposed intimate video.




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