German factory spills chocolate into street (See Photo if you love chocolate)

While oil spillage is a common phenomenon around the World, to hear chocolate spill is however strange, but it just happened in Germany.

A storage tank overflowed at a chocolate factory in Germany, causing liquid chocolate to flow out into the street.

The Werl Fire Brigade said a storage tank at the DreiMeister chocolate factory in Westonnen spilled about one ton of chocolate Monday and the liquid confection streamed through the gates outside the factory and into a road.

The fire brigade said the chocolate solidified into a 33-square-foot “choco-pancake” that firefighter pried up from the ground using “shovels and muscle power.”

Markus Luckey of DreiMeister said the factory was back up and running Wednesday and would be able to recover from the loss. He told the Soester Anzeiger newspaper it “would have been a disaster” if the spill had taken place closer to Christmas.