JUJU AT WORK! Watch How Popular Singer Got Stuck In Another Singer’s Wife While Having Sex (VIDEO)

Just when you thought you’d seen it all! Popular Ugandan Singer Sanyo has found himself in an unfortunate situation. He got stuck in the wife of a more established performer, Abdu Mulaasi after they both occupied inside an hotel room to fornicate. It is accounted for that the youthful artist and his two-faced darling had completed the process of fulfilling themselves, yet found out that they couldn’t isolate from one another. Detecting risk, they supposedly called for assistance from the hotel workers. They were enclosed in a bed sheet and set on a truck and after that taken round neighborhood local specialists for help.

Ugandan Singer Sanyo gets stuck in another singer’s wife during sex lailasnews 3

It is further reported that the couple remained stuck until Abdu Mulaasi arrived at the scene, after hearing about the incident. But he did not appear surprised, making people suspect that he must have known already that his wife has been cheating on him. The illicit lovers were eventually separated in the presence of Abdu Mulaasi and they could not bear the embarrassment. A video of the entire incident was filmed and posted to YouTube and it has been receiving reactions from the public.

The unfortunate event has sparked a series of reactions from social media users who felt that it was all shades of wrong. Here are some comments gathered;

“Wow…. I thought these juju stuff only happens in Nigeria. Please woman or man try and be faithful to your partner. And your single person, stop doing married people. Stop being a source of family split. The world will be a better place if the cheating reduces.”

“I wish this will serve as a lesson to the adulterous wife and husbands out there, so that they will desist from cheating their spouse, even the side chickens are not exceptional.”