5 Things You Will Do When Lockdown Is Totally Lifted

Life has not been the same since COVID-19 entered into our lives. The things we took for granted such as shaking hands and hugging people seem impossible today.

COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. As the world marches on in the fight against the pandemic there is surely hope around the corner.

The phased reopening of lockdown measures in Nigeria’s key cities Lagos and Abuja will last to Monday, June 1, 2020. There are no indications yet as to what decision will be made on June 1st.

On the optimistic side of things, the lockdown might be totally lifted like in other cities across the world. If this happens then normalcy can come back.

Here are five activities we would do when the lockdown gets totally lifted;

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  • Go back to church/mosque – Since the lockdown, Christians and Muslims have not had the opportunity to go to their respective places of worship. It has been a trying period for the faithfuls as they’ve had to rely on the Internet to get their regular dose of messages. When the lockdown is lifted, churches and mosques will be filled to capacity by worshipers who have missed the intimacy of gathering with believers to praise God/Allah for mercies during the pandemic.


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  • Weddings – Nigerians love wedding ceremonies. Our wedding industry is said to be worth millions of dollars. Unfortunately, this is one business that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit badly. Also, the virus had robbed a lot of couples from having their dream weddings and has stopped friends and families from celebrating with them. When life goes back to normal, expect a lot of Nigerians to attend weddings back to back for the music, good feeling and food.


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  • Dates – This period has been really bad for single people in relationships or those looking for potential partners. With restaurants and other public hangout spots closes, it is impossible for people to go on dates with the people they are interested in or love. Yes, with the pandemic there has been an upswing on virtual dates but it is not like the real thing. It lacks intimacy. When the lockdown is totally lifted, people will once again go on dinner dates and talk all night with their partners.

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  • Cinemas – Going to the cinema was one of the fun and relaxing things you could do on a weekend or after a long day at work. Not anymore. Many of us have had to binge our favourite TV series or feed on the scraps of old movies. People want to see new Marvel movies again and the latest Hollywood blockbuster. The movie industry globally has been hit hard by the pandemic. However, things should take a positive turn soon when the lockdown is lifted. This is because a lot of us will be itching to watch on the new movies at the cinema.

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  • Beach – In a stressful city like Lagos, going to the beach was a sure way to relax after the hustle and bustle of traffic and long hours. Unfortunately, we have not been able to soak up the serene view of the ocean at the beach for a while now. A lot of beach resorts are going to be fully booked when the lockdown is over.

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