Frustrated Nigerian man seen trying to jump down from the pedestrian bridge in Berger, Lagos (Video)

A Video of a frustrated Nigerian man attempting to commit suicide by trying to jump off the bridge in Berger, Lagos have surfaced on the internet. The Man was seen hanging on the rail of the Bridge announcing that he would kill himself by jumping down the bridge.

See Video below:

This disturbing incident has generated lots of comments on Instagram from concerned Nigerians. See some reactions below:
“If you listen carefully, u may hear someone’s cry for help from their silence… depression is real. I pray that whoever is reading this.. God heal whatever is hurting you”

“A lot of people are depressed and most of them might be looking better than you…Always be nice”

“When u want to commit suicide think of those people who dont have even 1naira in their acct, then look at ur self and behave well”

“He was not ready to jump self he was only looking for attention mtcheww why didn’t he jump already ”

“his one isn’t ready to die na.. He should’ve stop talking and jump down. Some people will be rushing to commit suicide. As if they won’t die the die soon.”

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