Nigerian lady narrates how she was stigmatized inside church because she has one hand

A Nigerian lady identified as Olivia_Malachy on Instagram shared an emotional story of her encounter in a church. According to the lady, a female church member refused to hold her hand for prayers because she is an amputee. Olivia said ” My experience in one church the other day (name of the church withheld) a female church member refused to hold my hand because am an amputee.

We were asked by the pastor to hold each other’s hand in prayer, so i held the hand of the person sitting next to me, after the first round of prayer we were asked to hold another person’s hand and i gave this fine sis my hand , she was like bring the second hand and i told her i have problem with my hand, and i asked her what the problem was? She said my hands were not complete and she left and went in search of a complete hand, i was heart broken though but i can’t come and kill myself, i believe am going to hug thousands of people maybe not with two hands but with a golden heart.
Moral! No man can love you like God #Superwoman

Concerned Nigerians have expressed their thoughts on this sensitive issue. See some reactions below:

“And that person went to church to seek God’s mercies right? We need to be more compassionate to one another, so God can heal our heart and our land”

“People are going to the supposed houses of God with no love in the heart. Nne, forgive her oo as she doesn’t know what she was doing. She prolly went there just looking for a breakthrough that is not there in the first place.”

“Not everyone in the church are God fearing…some are devil in disguise”

“just so good that after feeling heart broken, you were able to lift your self and realize that your happiness doesn’t depend on any man’s opinion or decision”

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