House Help Dies After Faking Her Death To Rob Her Mistress In Lagos -See Disturbing Details

A Twitter user, Identified as Chidi Okereke @ Chyde, took to the social media handle to narrate how a house-help lost her life after faking her death to rob and blackmail her employer, who trusted her.

According to Chidi’s post, Jo the name of the house help was known to be hardworking and was able to the task, more so she was loved by the kids.

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Jo’s work efficiency and several acts of trust made her madam gave her the pin to her Debit card pin in just one month to shop for the entire family. In short, she had become a member of the family.

The ugly incident of how she faked her death and eventually died happened one night after dinner, everyone including Jo started vomiting uncontrollably and was later rushed to the hospital.

Read the full story in the twitter thread below;

This is one of the many disheartening stories of how house-help has ruined family and destroyed the peace in the families that had taken them in, entrusted them with their children and valuables, only to discover that this same house-help is the very terror destroying their family.

If you must hire a maid, be careful and be vigilant, no matter how trustworthy they prove to be, don’t handle your valuables to them.

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