My Boyfriend’s Sxxual Performance Will Make Me Pay My Own Bride Price -Lady-Reveals

It’s a popular norm in Nigeria that the groom is meant to pay the bride price, but the reverse is the case, as a lady recently disclosed that she is ready to pay for her bride price because her boyfriend of four years is super hot on bed.

Though disturbing, the lady has warned that she does not want anyone to dissuade her from making the decision, as she has made up her mind already.

She narrates;

“My boyfriend is a fuckist, just like we have rapist but the difference is the fact that he does not force me, I like it. He messes with my brains during sxx that I am about to pay my bride price.

“I know it sounds crazy but I am not here for advice but just to rant my stupidity. He f**ks every reasonable sense in my head that all I have is an empty head brain moving around, like am not functioning as a human being.

“If I try to complain he hits my body harder and I get more stupid. I know am stupid because this man is jobless, a school drop out, has no focus or ambition, all he does is sxx, me, eat, sleep and play video games and this he has done for four years with me, while I go out for work.

“He does not cheat, has never cheated, can never cheat all he wants is just for me to open anytime, crazy enough I don’t ever get tired, my body is always ready.

“It’s been four years and I asked where the relationship is leading and he said once if I pay my bride price he will marry me, we talked about it and he has decided to marry me but I will provide everything and give him my bride price to pay.

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“I am about to take that crazy decision now, don’t advise me just wish me luck. Let me wallow in my foolishness in peace, I just wanted to rant and tell all the foolish girls like me who are not bold enough to accept their foolishness that they are not alone.

“My sparklediva platform has helped me a lot and I am sorry to disappoint you all that after all the stories I read I did not learn anything but ended up foolish. Pray for me. Good morning. ”

Can you do be this foolish because of sxx?

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