See Where Albino’s Are Sold For N22m, Used As Goodluck And Wealth Charm

In Tanzania, albinos are believed to bring luck and wealth and they are being hunted and sold due to this believe – It was reported that people trade the body parts of albinos.

According to Legit News, some family members even turn on their own due to greed – People who purchase the body parts of albinos are believed to be some of the richest people in the country. Tanzania albinos are always in fear of being hunted and sold in their own country.

Albinos in Tanzania

Due to greed, money and power, people in Tanzania end up hunting down albinos for their own fetish beliefs. Albinism is a hereditary genetic condition that causes a total absence of pigmentation in the skin, hair, and eyes.

In Tanzania, it is believed that albino body parts bring wealth and luck to people, and for that, they are being hunted down like animals. Albinos in Tanzania are hunted and sold by family members for N22m.

Albinos in Tanzania

Legit News also reports that some wealthy people are willing to pay as much as $4000 (N1.4m) for a limb or about $75,000 (N22m) for a whole body. Now, due to the increased belief of albinos being a source of luck and wealth, some people even turn on their albino family members driven by greed.

Even after death, some albinos are not safe from mutilation. It has been said that graves of dead albinos have been robbed, and record shows that sixteen graved have been robbed.

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An albino man identified as Mwigulu Matonange revealed that his left arm was chopped off when he was just ten years old. He said he was attacked by two men, who fled into the jungle after they got what they wanted. Family members turn on them to raise money from selling them or using them for ritual.

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As the date for the general election in Tanzania comes close, many albinos have gone into hiding. It is believed that the rate of albino mutilation and killings increases during the election period as politicians believe they can bring them good luck.

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