Love Killer Alert: 5 Things That Can Destroy Your Relationship

Building a strong and lasting relationship is not always easy. There will be ups and downs but couples who avoid these five relationship traps are more likely to last forever.

Today, the focus is on what can kill that longtime plan you have for your relationship.

Let’s delve;

1. Killing the trust

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There are many ways trust can be ruined in a relationship. This includes cheating, lying, a lack of transparency, etc. When you have trouble believing the words that come out of your partner’s mouth or if you don’t trust that he has your best interests at heart, then that relationship will suffer. The best solution is to avoid this trap altogether. Be open, loyal and faithful to your partner.

2. Letting anger overtake them

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Sure, there will be fights but how you handle them matters. When you let anger overtake you and you say things that are cruel or build a wall between you and him, you’re killing the relationship. Channel your anger into solving the problem and try not to use it to hurt each other. Those words, even when spoken in anger, are never forgotten.

3. Avoiding difficult conversations

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One of the relationships traps most people fall into is avoidance of talking about the tough stuff. Your problems don’t go away if you ignore them. Be brave and have the hard conversations. You will be better for it.

4. Hitting below the belt

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No matter how upset you are, one of the biggest relationships traps to avoid is to attack below the belt. Being vicious with your words/actions or threatening to leave abandon your partner isn’t the way to get what you want. Keep the fight fair.

5. Letting the emotional distance grow

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When you’ve been together for a while, you may notice there are times when you don’t really feel a strong emotional attachment to your partner. This comes and goes. The key is to not let the emotional detachment phase last too long or the other person will feel unloved or rejected. When you notice this distance, then it may be time to go on a special date, take a trip or do something special to rekindle the love.

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To make the relationship work, you’ll have to work it, there’s no easy route to a successful together forever, it’s either you’re working it for it to work, or you’re not.

Love said a renowned relationship speaker, is not enough to build and give couples, the together forever they desire for themselves, what matters is that they both understand the code of friendship.

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