Nigerian Makeup Artist turns a bride to a masquerade on her wedding day, See pictures

The horrific pictures of a bride looking like a masquerade on her wedding day has been trending on the Internet after the sister’s bride shared her sister’s sad experience on her wedding day.

She said ” See what my sister got on her wedding day from her makeup artist. Her wedding pictures got ruined. She had to wash everything off before her reception.

Who knows how much she would have used in booking this makeup artist. This is why anything called handwork ehn, before i patronize you, i must make sure i see the one you have done before i will approve ooo to avoid long story ”

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Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. But the stakes are high and not everybody, especially women are ready to leave their attractiveness to chance, thus leaving no stone unturned to enhance their beauty.

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Indeed, the beauty industry has evolved over the years, from the days when women tied their gele (head gear) in simple styles for events and still felt confident to the current days of avant garde gele.

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These days, with the help of social media, the society has raised the bar on the business of looking good, a situation that has created a noble source of income for many young men and women in the country, now known as make-up artists or MUAs.

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Paying someone to render their makeup services on your wedding day is not a bad thing, the bad thing is when a bride pays a quack and inexperienced lady to come and paint her face . The wedding day is one of the most important day in a lady’s life and it is no doubt that she will want to look her best. On the quest of trying to look beautiful, one should be very careful not to fall into the wrong hands.

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It is no doubt that the bride will be the center of attention that day, so even with little makeup, she is going to be noticed and obviously look beautiful too since it is her big day.  Unfortunately, the makeup thing has been abused and the fake makeup products that has invaded the market is not even helping matters.

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What will you do if you were the bride? Husbands if your wife turns up like this on your wedding day, what will you do?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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