For eating meat before him during a meal, Nigerian man breaks up with girlfriend, see more

An angry Nigerian man has taken to social media to rant and call out his girlfriend for eating too much meat from their plate of soup while they were eating together. He feels that she should have asked for his approval before picking a meat from the food.

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He said : “Some girls are not brought up well and it shows! The fact that two people are in a relationship should not in anyway bring disrespect to the older significance other, i collect 5 years from my girl hand and yesterday happens to be the first time we are eating from the same plate of soup after being in a relationship for a year… Imagine a plate of soup that comprises of two cow meat, and a single fish tail, we are eating together and i noticed she has collected the first meat and ate, i’m a disciplined individual and the way i was brought up, i make i am done with my food before i eat meat or whatever comes with it.. This is how i was brought up ma! Back to my story, i was watching her, no permission was requested from me before she took the first meat,yet,i ignored,before i knew it,she’s about dividing the fish tail into two so as to take it.. I quickly stop the disrespectful act and asked her to wash her hands and leave. She isn’t welcomed anymore. Little things count! Trust me, It starts from 1 and before you know it, it is on 10. From hand shake, it don they reach elbow, we all have to be careful, especially ladies of nowadays, they have little or no respect hiding under the tag of being “Liberal” and believing they can make life choice however they want. You might say because of just meat but trust me, it goes more than that.. The unwarranted attitude of taking the first meat,ate, about taking the fish again is uncalled for.. I doubt she is a keeper. My question is what’s wrong with girls of these days?”

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In the world of relationships nowadays, it is normal when a partner tries new trends which is not advisable because Nigerian men and how they handle relationships especially their behaviours and cultural background is quite funny and it could actually affect or influence the relationship.

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