Check Out Adorable Military Wedding Photos Held In Nigeria

Unlike most other civilian weddings, Military and Paramilitary weddings are more complex and somewhat define when it comes to preparations.


Military wedding observes different fonts of rules and regulations, and for the wedding to attain successful terrain, it is necessary to apply the rules that comes along side with it.


We are going to share with you tips in which would come handy when planning a military wedding and also share some adorable photos of military weddings held in Nigeria.

Apparently, getting married  to a man/woman in the  Armed forces is very exciting but you don’t want to get overwhelmed by all the excitement and ignore the basic detailing of a military wedding. Be sure to get full information and incorporate it into your wedding.

However, the Nigerian Armed forces, like most others have branches and for each branch there are different wedding customs and rules that apply which showcase national pride and loyalty. Here, some tips for planning your military wedding.


1) Obey Traditional Military Attire

This is a must, but not necessarily mandatory. Truth is, Military uniforms are often the only visible sign of a military wedding. The men more often than not wear their uniform and only get to change during the wedding ceremony while the women barely ever wear their uniform.

When in the military uniform, you have to be very respectful of what that uniform signifies, drink moderately, dance with dignity, and do nothing to disgrace or dishonour the uniform.

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2) Seek Permission

There are certain procedure a military personnel must take before wearing the uniform for any event outside military activities. So before rocking the uniform for a wedding.




Be that it may a  destination wedding or you want to marry outside of your uniform, you need to seek permission before you make such decisions.

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3) Saber Arch

Many military weddings include a saber arch under which the bride and groom walk. Depending upon the specific military branch’s protocols, the arch is formed at different times during a wedding.



The Navy has an indoor arch ceremony that takes place right after the benediction or blessing. Both indoor and outdoor arch ceremonies are options for Army and Air Force weddings.


The outdoor arch begins with the ushers going down the church steps, where they face off and raise their swords into an arch under which the new couple walk.


Usually when the couple reaches the end of the arch, the final sabers are dropped to the ground and the couple must exchange a kiss.

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4) Seating for reception

Special considerations must be made when arranging the seating at a military wedding. All high-ranking officials (lieutenant, colonel, and above) must be seated in positions of honour at both the ceremony and reception.

Additionally, a special place should be reserved for the commanding officer of the bride and/or groom. If the couple’s parents aren’t present, it’s customary to seat their commanding officer(s) and spouses in the front pew.

Following, military guests should also be seated according to rank.


5) Cutting the Cake

Just like civilian weddings where cake cutting is done with a knife during wedding receptions.  For Military wedding the cake cutting is done with a sharp sword.


The commissioned officers, the military puts a unique spin on this tradition. On command, the sword or  saber, as it is popularly called bearers enter the reception room in formation in front of the wedding cake, facing each other. The bride and groom pass beneath the sword/saber arch again, and approach the cake.

The groom hands his new bride his unsheathed sword saber, and with his hands over hers, they cut the first piece of cake together.


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