Nigerian Groom Devastated As His Fiancee Seeks Permission To Cheat Before Wedding Night

A Nigerian groom-to-be has expressed dismay and uncertainty as his fiancee sought his consent to sleep with another man before they tie the knot. He shared his plight on relationship adviser and blogger’s page, Joro Olumofin and sought for people’s advise and opinions on the issue.

According to him, she said she decided to tell him about it and seek his consent instead of doing it behind his back, but he is struggling to give his approval and he is also devastated as he feels this might destroy their romance.

Read his account below:

While some people would see this as weird and abnormal, others would see it as very normal, some would even say the lady in question has guts or is rather bold to have told her fiance about her intention to cheat on him before they get married and also ask for his permission to do that.

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But then this is common among most young people who are preparing to get married and it’s a two-way thing. In some cases, it is the men who cheat or explore like some people prefer to call it before tying the knot, and in other cases, it applies to the women.

Either way, the reason people who cheat on their partners shortly before wedding give is that they want to explore or have a feel of another person before they go into matrimony since marriage is a lifetime commitment and it wouldn’t be right to cheat or they wouldn’t love to cheat on their partners when married.

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Also, most people who do this are people who didn’t get to explore life sexually before wedding bells came ringing, and so they feel the need to experience what it feels like to have sex with other persons other than their partners.

This isn’t justifiable though because cheating is cheating and it is wrong. The case above might sound normal to some people but this could go a long way in ruining a relationship, and in the case where the couple end up getting married, it could eventually destroy the marriage because the other partner wouldn’t be able to trust the partner who cheated when they are married, or would always have mixed feelings about the person’s loyalty and fidelity, which is why a lot of people who indulge in such act never tell or let their partners know about it so as to save their relationships.

But then, whether the lady sees it as normal or not, it’s sure going to affect their relationship in the long run, which is what the man himself is scared of and is worried about. Or what do you think? Kindly share your comments in the comment section below.

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