Check Out How These Nigerian Soups Matches Your Personality

To be able to make a lasting impression on people,  you must have an essence and a personality that is just “oomph”.
There has to be something about you that people can’t get enough of, something they always hunger for. You should have a flavor so good,  that you linger on the lips of people after they get a taste of you. They either crave you or decide that you don’t please their appetite. You should be like a Nigerian soup (yes), distinct flavor, aromatic, preferred or not-preferred, comforting, filling and delicious. Even a favorite.




Am I spicy? Bland? Tangy? Boring and weak? Will they like me? Hate me? Or find me distasteful?
1. Egusi




Basic, easy to like, appeals to everyone, not very attractive and easy to please. You’re classic and traditionally inclined. Calm and comfortable to be around.
2. Ogbono




Not liked by everyone but has loyal friends, fashionable and interesting. Built to last and you accept yourself for who you are. And you fit into anywhere.
3. Bitter Leaf 
Popularly known as Onugbo in Igbo. Acquired Taste, a hard pill to swallow and in your face. You are not everybody’s cup of tea, but you have people who like you exactly for the way you are. Blunt, honest and calls it as it is.
4. Gbegiri


Deeply-rooted in tribe and traditions. You’re so in touch with nature and is a crowd pleaser. Family and heritage are important to you, you love your family and they love you.
5. Afang




Easy to overlook, but once people encounter you, you are quite unforgettable. You don’t talk much, but your attitude is resounding and hard to ignore. Once they get a taste, they always come back for more. People love you and you’re an exciting person to be around.
6. Okro
You are a different feeling for different kind of people. Blends in easily and adapt to situations quickly.
Your rules are simple and can be followed. Not everyone likes you, but you just can’t be bothered by that.
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