”This isn’t Isam!”- Muslim Man Cries Out As He Goes Down On His ‘Knees’ Over Child’s Marriage

The current trend of marrying young girl child off in the Northern part of Nigerian is becoming disturbing as a concerned Muslim man has taken to his social media handle to speak up on the barbaric act. The man who tweeted pleadingly to the leaders of Arewa leaders particularly to look into the heart wrenching situation.


According to titiloyeblog.com, He spoken out against child marriages prevalent in northern Nigeria and pleaded with leaders and Mallams to begin speaking against it. In the reoccurring tweets ,  Umar Ibrahim tweeted:

”I want to go on my knees and beg Arewa Leaders and Mallams, please start speaking against child marriages. It is painful and hearts wrenching to see a child struggling to back a baby, and when I asked I was told it’s her baby. I was shivering in anger while sharing the gift money.”

He continued:

I asked and was told it’s a normal sight at the hospital. This isn’t Islam! This is your culture and it is barbaric. I’d rather not marry than marry a child. I make bold to say if you have a sister being married off at below 16 please runaway with her.

He went on to add:

Those predators will marry her, divorce her with pregnancy and she’d end up being that which you think you want to prevent her from being. We have them all around already.

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The are very high tendency that this tweeted concerns pertaining the girl child in the North might spark outrage. Many Muslims men and women, although just the enlighted and well informed ones are trying to put out their voice to see if the growing concerns might end the increasingly rate of girl child marriage in the North.

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Some Nigerians have reacted to the tweets, and have collectively in one voice urged Muslims  leaders of the North to see to it that barbaric act is abolished forever.

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