Check Out These 10 Fashionable Things Men Do That Women Hate- No 1 Is So Annoying (Photos)

Most Nigerian men think they have the key for style all figured out.  They know their perfect fit, cloth colors that match and they wear brands, so that is enough. Some men like this even think that their sense of style is above and edgy while other guys compliment them when they step out in their outfit.



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But they are shocked to find out that it doesn’t fly with the ladies. Why do all the girls I talk to size me up? Probably because you have been committing these 10 fashion crimes that women hate.
1. Man Bun
Especially on a man who doesn’t have much hair. We can all see how much you struggled to pack that little hair you have on your head.
2. Drop Down V-Neck Shirts
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This is a huge nope. Nobody wants to see your dry Chest.
3. Shorts Above Your Thighs
Image result for 3. Shorts Above Your Thighs
Why would you be wearing that instead of an actual Trouser? This is even worse when your legs are unshaved.
4. Socks And Loafers
Loafers are meant to be worn WITHOUT Socks.
4. Socks And Sandals


On a grown man? Seriously?

5.Skinny Jeans

No, just no. Nobody wants to see the imprint of your you know what.
6. Satin Suits
Two questions. First. Why would somebody wear a Satin Suit? Second. Why so shiny?
7. Shirts Trousers And Slippers
First of all these three items should not even be mentioned together.
8. Sagging


We don’t want to see your butt crack!
9. Mismatched Shoes And Belts
No, no, no that your original Black Gucci belt most definitely won’t have gone together with that your Brown Prada shoes.
That’s not how it works.
10. Stripe Trousers And Stripe Shirts
Stop, just stop!
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